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Guide To Choose A Baby Safe Teddy Bear!

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Toys

As a parent, you would want everything to be as gentle as possible for your baby. The little ray of sunshine and your baby bean must be the most precious in your life, and you wouldn’t want anything but the best for them. Be it a panda bear or any other toy, and you want everything safe and best for your baby bean. In addition, you must select a baby safe teddy bear for your child. But how will you choose the one that’s safest for your child? 

We’re Here To Help You, And Here’s How You Can Select A Teddy Bear That’s Safe For Your Child

  • Safety Considerations When Buying A Teddy Bear

Your first requirement must be the safety of your infant. Your choice of the teddy should carry a label with the appropriate mark indicating safe for the child. This means that the necessary tests for the age group it is suggested for have been carried out. Amongst many characteristics, safety tests ensure no choking hazards, no loose attachments and that the toy has safety eyes and nose. These tests are different for a baby under 12 months, so checking the bear’s age is essential.

Instead of selecting a teddy made of fur, you can opt for a teddy made from cloth instead of fur and get something that has nothing rigid or sharp which can poke your baby, leading to hurt them. 

  • Durability And Quality

The cuddly toy will have to be pretty durable if you want it to last. It will need to endure all the tugging, throwing and biting that a baby will put it through. Getting a cheap item from a store may result in it not surviving a few weeks with the child, not to forget several necessary trips to the washer.

Buying a quality branded item from a well-known manufacturer specialising in baby toys may cost a little more but will confirm that it is suitable for requirements and will survive these requirements. Always check the label before tossing your cuddly bear into the washing machine, as many can only be cleaned by hand.

  • Cuddleability

The teddy or soft toy you select will have an essential job of providing hugs for a very long time! It needs to be soft enough to embrace and gentle sufficient to hold near the baby’s skin with that in mind. For babies under one year, soft teddies usually have velvety or very short fur to avoid any loose fibres being pulled out and swallowed.

  • Educational Value

You may want a more interactive panda bear or teddy if this is necessary for you.

A singing alphabet bunny, a number counting bear, or an elephant that sings nursery rhymes will offer young children hours of fun and enjoyment with some educational value-added.

To conclude, if you need any plushie or teddy, you need to ensure that it is a baby-safe teddy bear, and hence evaluating it based on the components mentioned above will allow you to make better choices.