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Painting Trends In 2021 – What Experts Of House Painting Northern Beaches Want You To Know

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Home Improvement, Painting

Countless homeowners spent the majority of 2020 holed inside their homes. Hopefully, 2021 will be less dull and more entertaining. However, during the lockdowns, many homeowners realized the need for creating more appealing internal spaces. What if there’s another set of lockdowns and we have to be stuck inside our homes for months again? Our mental and physical well-being are directly linked to the spaces we reside in. 

To boost the sense of optimism, we feel inside our homes, we need new paint jobs. Experts of House Painting in Northern Beaches constantly help their clients upgrade their homes’ colours and styles, making sure they’re relevant and look stunning. If getting your home re-painted is one of your missions this year, here are the home painting trends you need to know about – 

Neutral Colours are Still Ruling the Market

The simple and minimalistic nature of neutral colours attracts many homeowners. Beige, grey, soft pastel, and other neutral shades are extremely popular in 2021. Professional providers of House Painting Northern Beaches can use these muted shades to create stunning backdrops for all types of home settings. 

Homeowners can cover all their walls with neutral colours. Or, they can experiment with brighter colours to add a dash of contrast. Some muted shades that several experts of House Painting Northern Beaches are currently using to create awesome-looking internal spaces include – 

  • Peachy White White paint with a touch of peach can make homes look warm during the winters and cool during the summers. This slightly different shade of white works well with both traditionally styled and modern homes.
  • Bleached Grey – While there are various shades of grey to choose from, ultra-light bleached grey paint is by far the number one “neutral” shade in 2021. This colour is the perfect blend of warmth and coolness and makes internal spaces feel clean and bright at all times. 
  • Baby Pink – Although plush pink colours have always been used in children’s rooms or nurseries, baby pink can technically suit nearly all parts of the home – living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. As long as your light pink walls are complemented with wall paintings or potted plants, this colour will look amazing on your walls. 

Natural Colour Schemes

In 2020, several providers of House Painting Northern Beaches reported an increase in demand for natural colours. Many homeowners are looking to bring nature inside their homes. Of course, adding potted plants and nature-related paintings is one way of achieving this objective. A better way is using colours like light green or subtle mint to paint your internal walls. These nature-friendly colours can make homes look and feel cool. Add some jet brown furniture and upholstery to your rooms, and your neutral green backdrops will look amazing! 

Re-Emergence of Metallic Paints 

Providers of House Painting Northern Beaches aim to help their clients create the best versions of their homes. That’s why metallic paint colours like bright gold, copper, and silver are in high demand this year. Metallic paints work beautifully in both traditionally-styled homes and modernistic homes. These paints are so bright that even when the weather outside is dark or gloomy, your internal spaces will feel sunny!