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Optimizing The Performance Of An Air Conditioner

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Services

With the scorching summer months knocking on our door, we have no other way of escape other than embracing our very own Air Conditioning service Blacktown.

The air conditioning repairs service Blacktown is extremely prompt and professional. Regular Maintenance and Servicing ensures better cooling and cheap bills. How can we optimize the performance of an existing AC unit?

  • Use the old school Ceiling Fan to circulate the cold air in the enclosed space. This is a no-nonsense way of letting the cold air spread to every nook and cranny of a room/enclosed place. Self Clean or Replace the air filters of the Air Conditioning Units at regular intervals of time. When air filters become dusty, it reduces the airflow in the Air Conditioning system.
  • When there is a reduction in airflow, the system will have to put in more effort and thus uses more energy to do the same work. Regular removal of lint and dust accumulated on coil fans that are placed outdoors. An air conditioning unit has both an indoor and outdoor unit. The surroundings of the outdoor unit have to be kept clean to ensure that no debris gets accumulated. The grass and branches, if present around the outdoor units should be trimmed/cut off regularly.
  • Air supply from all diffusers should be checked. Installing a Programmable Thermostat. Thermostats are an important part of an air conditioning unit. Ensuring proper workability of thermostats help in optimum performance of an air conditioning unit. Regular checks for insulation or duct damage. Checking to ensure that condensate drain line isn’t clogged

The condensate drain line often gets clogged with dust or debris, and gets backed up or drains slower than normal. This can cause excessive energy consumption and even water damage in air conditioning units. The Air Conditioning service Blacktown ensures the cleanup of all the build-up in the Air Conditioning unit, enabling it to perform well.

What Basic Problems Can Occur In An Air Conditioning Unit?

Sometimes when an Air Conditioning unit doesn’t turn on, it might be the problem of the condenser (the unit has to be plugged in properly, and the thermostats need to be checked.) or that of the circuit breaker (might have tripped). Sometimes when an air conditioning unit won’t do its main duty, and that is to cool the air, it might be the problem of a dirty, clogged condenser or a clogged air filter. Sometimes when an air conditioning unit is not cooling the room it is placed in, it might be because the unit is not appropriately sized to cool the room it is placed in. The Air conditioning repairs Blacktown ensures that all the parts of an air conditioning unit is intact, clean and working at its optimum level. With years of experience about how the air conditioning system works, Air Conditioning repairs Blacktown to ensure the best quality of service.