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Five Reasons Why You Should Install Non-slip Tiles

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Flooring, Home Improvement

Tiles of various varieties are utilised everywhere—granite, ceramic, marble, slate, faux wood, etc. Are these tiles, however, safe? Despite the beauty of these abstract floor tiles, their flaws, such as their inclination to be slippery, must be considered. Non-slip tiles are the greatest option in this situation. These tiles come with an anti-slip floor covering that maintains a high level of friction even when the surface is wet and soapy. This eliminates the danger of slippage. These non-slip tiles are also suitable for outdoor use because they are resistant to grazing and blemish, giving the designs a timeless feel. These tiles are also used for walls in addition to flooring.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Installing Non-Slip Tiles In Your Lounge Room

  • Prevent Accidents

Accidents are more likely to occur when ceramic tiles have a smooth surface. When water or any other liquid coats these smooth-surfaced tiles, they become slick and harmful to everyone in the vicinity. Ordinary tiles might be dangerous, especially for senior members of the family. Moisture resistance is a feature of the non-slip tiles. As a result, even when wet, these tiles prevent skidding.

  • Reduce Friction

Because the anti-slip tiles’ surface is porous, it traps all types of liquid within the microscopic dips of its somewhat jagged surface, reducing friction. It makes walking on them more comfortable, and slipping on these floors is extremely improbable.

  • Last Longer Than Other Tiles

Because of their thickness and strong resistance to water and stains, non-slip tiles survive longer than other ceramic tiles. The floor tiles for the lounge room shine do not fade with time, and the weathering process is slow due to their resilience. They aren’t readily scratched, either.

Furthermore, such a characteristic prevents the tiles from splitting due to freezing. As a result, this sort of tile is ideal for extremely cold conditions. They also have a longer lifespan than other materials.

  • Maintenance

This non-slip tile is very easy to keep clean because it is coated or glazed to prevent stains. As a result, cleaning them will be simple. 

Although unglazed tiles are required for the outside area for greater texture and to prevent slipping, glazed tiles can be utilised for the fountain, pool, or wall.

  • Budget-friendly

In the long term, these non-slip tiles are a more cost-effective option. These tiles are more cost-effective when all expenditures are considered, including maintenance and installation. 

If you’re thinking about having these tiles installed in your lounge room, make sure they’re of the highest quality.


Despite their beauty, the faults of the other abstract floor tiles must be considered, such as their tendency to be slippery. 

In this case, non-slip tiles are the best solution. They have an anti-slip floor coating that retains a high level of friction even when wet and soapy. Because they are resistant to grazing and damage, they are also suited for outdoor use, giving the designs a timeless sense. Look for the best lounge room floor tiles and give your space a perfect look.