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Non-Slip Floor Treatment – The only Way to Get A Better Grip!

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Business

Flooring is something that has to be planned carefully. The type of flooring designed should be resistant to slip and enhance a better grip. Flooring in wet areas is a part of the concern for many. Hospitals, schools, libraries, workplaces, and anywhere, for that matter, has to be safe for use. This will only be possible if a non-slip flooring is installed. There might be some floors that require a treatment for their slippery condition. So, taking a non-slip floor treatment is the best way to avoid any accidents.

The non-slip floor treatment can be applied to the already existing slippery flooring or to the ones that need a new one. Always keep inspecting if your floor is slipping to make use of non-slip floor treatment. The slip test standards have to be followed for safety. There are affordable slip-testing measures like BOT-3000, Pendulum, SlipAlert, Tortus, etc. that are reliable too. For those who are planning to go along with the flooring plans, non-slip flooring will be great. They are guaranteed to remain slip-resistant for a long time down the line. They come in various colors and textures too.

Reasons you should opt for the non-slip floor treatment:

  1. Reduce the risk of injuries caused by slip and fall disasters both at the workplace and at home
  2. The safety of the work environment is increased.
  3. It is suitable for ceramic, unglazed, concrete, terrazzo, linoleum, marble, thermoplastic, slate, and many other forms of flooring.
  4. The coefficient of friction is safer irrespective of dry or wet weather conditions.
  5. They are non-toxic, anti-culture medium and also non-acid base.
  6. Quick to apply and bring under-use after application.
  7. The treatment can be used in both interior and exterior floors.

Non-slip treatment is nowadays available to help you make your floors slip-resistant. Self-adhesives and Anti-slip Tapes are also available, which are easy to use. All you got to do is peel their adhesive backing and stick them onto the floor! It is a good thing to make your floors slip-resistant and avoid unwanted accidents. Non-slip floor treatment adds more grip to the floor. The epoxy floor cleaner is the best one for cleaning floors. It will make any kind of floor to be free from slips. Also while cleaning using it, the process is very easy. Therefore, keep your family and your floor safe from slippages. The epoxy floor cleaner will not only remove dust, dirt, and debris from the surfaces but also make your floor durable. It acts as an abrasive.

Floor maintenance is a procedure which depends upon the kind of dirt and debris to which it is exposed, and the traffic conditions. However, like most surfaces, the state your epoxy floor is kept, the longer it will last. Fine particles of dirt and grit are abrasive, so regular maintenance is crucial to your floor’s longevity. Non-slip floor treatments are undoubtedly necessary. They will not only make your floor free from slips but also safeguard unnecessary falls, which may lead to severe issues.