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Different Types Of Natural Stone

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Flooring, Home Improvement

When you are selecting the natural stone for the project, you must consider various factors like chemical makeup, durability and the properties of the natural stone. Reactions of each material must be known before selecting the natural stone of the project. If you want to know the detailed information then contact the natural stone wholesaler

There are many natural stone wholesalers, so select one who has more experience in the field. The price of the natural stone differs between the wholesalers. So, get price details from the natural stone wholesaler and retailer, compare the price and select one. Do not select the wholesaler only based on the price. Now let us discuss some of the basic information about different types of natural stone available in the market. 

Different types of natural stone:

  • Granite:

Granite is an igneous stone that can be easily purchased from a popular natural stone wholesaler. It is formed by the crystallization of magma. The formation process is very slow and it occurs below the surface of the earth. Granite natural stone is more durable and hard. It requires very little maintenance. Granite is best suited for outdoor applications, countertops, and flooring. Stain, etch and scratch on the granite is impossible so it can be used in heavy spaces. As per the Mohs Hardness Scale, the scoring for Granite is 6. 

  • Quartzite:

Quartzite is formed by the compression and heating of sand. The formation process is tedious and long. Quartzite is durable and dense. As per the Mohs Hardness Scale, it is classified at 7. Scratches are not possible in the Quartzite. It can be used in high traffic areas like the kitchen and corridor. People are attracted by the vibrant and unique hues of the quartzite. Quartzite is available in different colors. So that you can match it with the wall color and design of the house. 

  • Marble:

It is a metamorphic stone and it is formed when the limestone is subjected to pressure and heat. It is mainly composed of calcite. It also has some other minerals like graphite, pyrite, quartz, and clay. Marble is soft when compared with the quartzite and granite. Marble has 4 scorings on the Mohs hardness scale. Some of the common problems of marble are acid etching, scratching and staining. Proper and regular maintenance of the marble will maintain the new look and texture of the marble. The maintenance procedure of marble is easy and it can be done on your own. 

  • Onyx:

One of the unique natural stones is onyx. It is formed by the deposition of limestone. Colorful veins, patterns, and swirls of the onyx are formed because of the stalactites and stalagmites drip. It is softer than marble. They can easily stain and etch. You can use the sealer to prevent the onyx from tear and wear. Some of the main things manufactured using onyx are fireplaces, art pieces, countertops, and feature walls. If you have plans to purchase high-quality onyx, get in touch with a leading natural stone wholesaler.

Some of the other natural stones available in the market are travertine, calcite, Schist, and soapstone. Explain your needs to the natural stone wholesaler. They will guide you in selecting the right natural stone as per your needs.