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Make Your Pool Elegant By Installing Pergolas

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Travel

If you have a pool, you may also consider installing a pergola above the pool. It will provide sufficient shade against the sun, and you may relax there comfortably. Incredibly aesthetic and easy to install design, will help adjust the level of the shade of the site from a slight shadow to complete dimming. Space provides ideal conditions for a comfortable stay.

Features of application and use:

Unlike ugly and inconvenient umbrellas, the pergola is characterized by high wind resistance. The system can be of entirely different shapes and sizes, from square to inclined shapes. The variety of architectural options will allow you to fit the design into the exterior seamlessly. The recreation area near the pool is usually designed as a small dining room or living room. Sometimes it integrates with a barbecue area equipped with a fireplace or an open hearth.

If you decide to furnish a pergola with upholstered furniture, try to encircle it with a special fabric, which practically does not fade in the sun and has a water-repellent effect. This will significantly increase the life of the furniture and prevent the development of fungi and the formation of mould.

Types of pool pergolas:

  • A wide variety can be square and rectangular, arched, or with an inclined execution of floors. The choice of form depends on your personal preferences and the execution of other elements of landscape design, the size of the pergola itself, and the building to which it can fit if it is not a separate structure.
  • The automatic version is more practical and, in addition to the aesthetic function, has exceptional sun protection. An additional advantage will be the presence of a roof, which will prevent rainfall from falling under the pergola.
  • Pergola with sliding lamellas will create the necessary density of shade, and provide an additional flow of air. If necessary, the lamellas quickly assemble into an impenetrable roof, which will protect the furniture and your guests from sudden summer showers.
  • Pergola, with a sliding awning, complemented by street curtains, will give the whole structure incredible lightness and airiness. The automatic roof can be extended entirely, allowing the sun to warm up the area and the water under the pergola tent or completely close, creating a thick shadow and providing protection from a little rain.
  • The pergola for the pool can be supplemented with vertical systems or sliding glazing. They will create additional mobile walls, which in five minutes will turn the open pergola into a small room in which you can arrange a celebration in the open air, even in bad weather.
  • The most common options for pergolas for installation above the pool were wooden, plastic, and aluminium pergolas. But aluminium is the most preferred. An aluminium pergola is the best combination of price and quality. It has the highest quality characteristics.

You can purchase any aluminium pergolas in North Shore. The specialists will give you a detailed consultation and make a complete calculation of the price of the necessary product.