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Maintenance And Care Of Timber Flooring In Sydney

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Home Improvement

Timber flooring is one of the popular and growing flooring types in Sydney. Timber floors are available in different colors, coating, finish, and hardness. The maintenance process and the products used for cleaning differ for each timber floor type. If the timber floors are not maintained properly then the timber floors will lose its look. With proper care and maintenance, the life period of the timber floor will increase. In this article let us discuss the maintenance and cleaning procedure of timber flooring in Sydney.

Sydney flooring needs regular maintenance:

Timber floors can be easily maintained. The finish of timber floors can be easily spoiled by the grit or sand which are brought inside the house through footwear. Even this small particle will scratch the floor like sandpaper. The entry of sand and grit can be reduced by placing mats outside and inside the main entrance. You must also remove the shoes at the entrance to avoid scratches. To maintain the finish of the timber floor in the kitchen use rugs.

Direct sunlight, extreme humidity, and temperature are some of the natural enemies of Sydney flooring. Direct sunlight on the timber floors will produce gapping, cupping and it will also even change the color tone of the timber floor. To reduce the effect of sunlight you can include awning, a roof for the patio or curtains for the windows.

Additional tips for maintaining the timber floors are cleaning the spill immediately, using floor protectors for the furniture’s feet, trimming the nails of pets regularly and avoiding high heels while walking on the wooden floor.

Extra care for newly completed timber flooring in Sydney:

The curing process of the timber floors needs several weeks so you must follow some precautions while walking on the floor after the hardening process. The curing process depends on the climate condition and the coating type. If you are using the timber floors before the completion of the curing process then it may increase the tendency for scratching and scuffing.

Do not lay rugs on the timber floor till the completion of the curing process. Avoid rubber rugs because there are chances for stain and also it will affect the coating of the timber floor. During the curing period use only lightweight furniture and use floor protector for the furniture. Do not slide the furniture on the floor instead of lifting the furniture. Till the floors are hardened to avoid using roller chairs because they may cause premature wear for the timber floor. Place heavyweight things like a fridge with extra care. Heavyweight things must not be dragged in the newly installed Sydney flooring. Also, avoid heel slippers and sports shoes in the newly installed timber floors.

Cleaning process of timber floors:

To keep the timber floors in the proper condition it must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning process depends on the coating type and also the amount of grit present on the timber floors. Use antistatic mop for cleaning the timber floors since it collects the dirt and grit easily.