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List of Latest Trends In The Packaging Industry?

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Services

The packaging industry is all-encompassing. Right from the technology to the innovative designs, it has it all that goes into putting a product into a protective cover either for selling, shipping, or storage. Packaging also embosses a brand’s marketing effort. This is because customers mostly perceive a brand when they are looking at the packaging. The packaging of a product should echo the brand sentiment. When you are selling teddy bears putting into sombre and monotonous packaging boxes will not work. Instead, it would help if you thought of a cute packaging idea. Whether you endorse flexible pouch packaging or stand up pouch packaging, it should be in sync with the brands’ philosophy.

You must be wondering what some of the latest trends in the packaging industry that you can use for your next set of products are. Let us have a quick look at the latest trends in the packaging industry.

Trends In The Packaging Industry


  • Packaging should etch a story

With the ushering in of 2020, brands must become more innovative with their packaging efforts. In recent times, people to a great extent shop online and hence they do not have the opportunity to touch and feel the products. Therefore, brands whose products are sold online should craft a story through their packaging. As the customer unboxes the packaging should tell a story so that a strong emotional connection is created between the brand and the story. Sometimes, the packaging is the only opportunity to make your brand felt because inside the package, there are products of other brands. Some relevant examples are Amazon or Flipkart.

stand up pouch packaging


  • Focus on creativity

With the change in time, the expectations of customers have also undergone a sea-change. Unlike yesteryears, customers are no more easily satisfied. Brands should work on their packaging in a way that the products stand out in the crowd. The time has come to play with designs and focus on avant-garde and creative packaging trends. The packaging should be such that people feel like engaging with a brand. For example, brands can experiment with the idea of metamorphosis where the design is more than the eyes can see or one design element goes through a transformation. The trick is to invite the element of curiosity among people.

  • Retro-futurism

Though the term retro-futurism may sound like an oxymoron, the truth is that in 2020 brands should experiment with this particular packaging trend. Whether you have decided on stand up pouch packaging or flexible pouch packaging, you can incorporate both retro and futuristic elements. The advantage is that it will appeal to a wide variety of customers. Neon colours, bold gradients, and retro design touches will certainly make heads turn while they are placed on the shelves.

  • Switch to ecological packaging

People today are a lot more conscious about the environment today and a brand that uses packaging materials which are not environment-friendly, it will not go done well with customers. Therefore, brands must look for more environment friendly alternatives.