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Learn different types of gardens for the better gardening experience

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Construction

Every once in a while we all need to relax and enjoy some time in nature’s solace and beauty. A garden can be classified according to its predominant feature. It may be based on the use of a garden; such as herbal garden where herbal plant collection is the predominant feature. The origin of the design is based on another classification of garden types; for example, some garden designs are tailored to a certain country’s traditions and themes.

English Country Garden

English Country Garden is a garden that mimics England’s countryside’s natural appearance. There are typically wide fields of wildflowers and stone hedges in the English countryside. It’s a picturesque scene, something like the gardens depicted in fairy tales.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is nostalgic, romantic and sweet, which is probably why they are so popular. Whether it’s a garden filled with exotic hybrid roses or a garden filled with just red roses or white roses, the results are always amazing. Their blossoms are radiating and creating beauty. People have given roses for centuries in love bouquets and bathed in rose water.

Victorian garden

With many experienced gardeners, Victorian gardens are popular. Its classic and elegant look can make it’s designer truly proud of its creation. The design philosophy of a Victorian style garden withdraws its inspiration from the general life in the Victorian era.

Wildflower Garden

To enjoy the beauty of flowers is one of the main reasons people visit the wildflower garden.  Of course, when flowering plants were developed, Mother Nature was not really interested in our likes and dislikes: the only reason for the existence of flowers from her point of view is to produce seed and guarantee the future survival of each plant species.

Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are becoming increasingly popular even though they can be hard to recreate if you don’t have much land for your garden. Traditionally, Japanese gardens have a small structure in the heart of the garden that looks out over the rest of the garden.

French garden

French gardens are highly organized and formal. Classical geometric shapes and symmetrical grids inspired by Roman architecture characterize the design of this type of garden. Usually, they are found in big houses, hotels, theatres. This type of garden style is also used widely while planning the landscaping in Hills district.

Native Garden

The idea of a Native garden is a relatively new concept that sweeps across the United States and attracts many new people to gardening. The idea behind a Native Garden is to use only plants and flowers that are native to the region.

Tropical Garden

The Tropical Garden is suitable in places with a warm climate and due to its greenery and vibrant flowers it can be very attractive too and attracts butterflies. Thick green leaves, colourful flowers and plants are something that people living in the world’s temperate zones cannot see on a daily basis, especially during the cold and gruelling winter months.

These are a few varieties of the gardens which you can use while planning the landscaping in Hills District. You can always take help from the local gardener services for the best results.