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Latest JavaScript Trends to Follow

by | Jan 2, 2019 | IT & Technology

With the entire world living and progressing in such a virtual platform it is essential that businesses and organizations have an active online presence. But with so much competition, it is essential that the website/app stands out. This can be attained only by customizing the language with which the application is created.

Nowadays JavaScript in the most sought-after language in the world of software development. It has been very popular among developers and has had the highest ratings for a while now. Many businesses and major social networking platforms have incorporated JavaScript which proves its efficiency and its top quality. JavaScript by itself is used to improve web development has a seen a lot of developments which makes it a class apart.

Now, here are a few of the latest JavaScript trends and innovations that one can use to make their application unique and user-friendly.

1.Single page apps: Single page apps which was already present in 2018 has been seeing a steady rise in popularity which will definitely increase in 2019. This kind of app allows the user to access the entire application in a single scroll thus doing away with following up navigation and several layered menu options. This has not only become a favorite of the users but of developers as well as it leaves more room for customization.

2.Progressive Web Apps: This was a concept that was proposed and released by Google. Progressive web apps are websites that work in a way where it feels like a mobile app and can work offline. The data used is stored in cache. Major Websites like Forbes, and Ali Express work in this fashion. One can also keep a shortcut of the website, on the home screen of the mobile phone. This helps reduce the cost of maintaining an app while having the same results.

3.Reason: This is a compilation of JavaScript that can maintain and sue web applications on a single page. Facebook has used Reason extensively to develop their messaging app, Messenger. Reason also can be used to develop security code that is inclusive of JavaScript and OCaml. This is among the most sought-after JavaScript trends that 2019 will see.

4.Angular: This was initiated by Google a few years ago. Angular has a specialty of assembling and organizing data services in applications. After the success of Angular 1, Google has developed the feature and has envisioned it till Angular8 although only Angular 7 is in use now. But the most efficient of them is AngularJS again released by Google. It is believed to be a developer’s best friend. With room for quick development and hassle-free code integration, AngularJS has proved to be top- notch.

5.Next.js: It is a minimalistic framework for JavaScript Applications. This helps simplify the entire process of the implementation experience in an application or website. When it is combined with React, you can easily get the powerful functionality of React, and simultaneously also get an experience similar to Vue in regards to code division, tools, and routing. The most convenient feature is that it can be used in a similar manner across many servers like mobile and web assuring the same quality of implementation.

6. Artificial Intelligence and bots: We all know how Facebook’s chatbots began creating their own languages. As Scary as they may seem, this is a new mind-blowing arena of application-driven development which will definitely become a major hit in 2019. Chatbots are made with an able combination of AI and Neural Networks which are used to develop web communications.

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