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Know Your Timber Flooring A Little

by | Jul 7, 2019 | Home Improvement

Also known as wood flooring and hardwood flooring, timber flooring is a natural product. It is made from timber and the floor made from it is warm and easy on the feet. Timber flooring in North Sydney is usually made up of more than one layer of wood and up to 11 layers. Usually, it is made up to 3 layers and more. However, even though not necessarily, it is often constructed in the odd number of layers. The construction of engineered timber floor is divided into three parts- top. Bottom and core.

Categories Of Wood Flooring:

There are two categories of wood flooring- unfinished and prefinished. In the unfinished timber flooring, the flooring is delivered at the site with a natural appearance. It is coated with a water-based coating and all the coating and sanding is done at the site.

The prefinished flooring comes with the finishing, all coating and sanding are done before delivering it to the site. The UV coating is done on the prefinished flooring.

Reasons Why Timber Flooring In North Sydney Is Preferred:

Timber floor provides a natural appearance and it can be installed anywhere in the house, except for in the bathroom. Here are a few reasons why timber flooring is preferred.

  • Warmth:

Because of its natural cellular structure, timber floor stays warm on cool days and cool and warm days. It is a great insulator and it carries thousands of air chambers in every cubic inch. So, when you take off your shoes and relax your feet on your timber flooring in North Sydney, you will experience an incredible feeling since it offers approximately seven times more insulation than ceramic tile flooring, laminated flooring, PVC vinyl flooring, etc.

  • Comfort Of Walking:

Timber flooring provides a lot of comfort in walking because of its firmness and resilience. It is warm, comforting and relieves foot fatigue.

  • Appealing:

Timber flooring provides physical and psychological warmth. It emits an aura of friendliness and warmth due to the colour of its grains, its texture and sound resonance. No other flooring can provide such warmth and comfort.

  • Touch:

The natural texture of timber flooring is soothing to touch and as mentioned above, it is a lot warmer as well, as compared to other floorings. It has low K-value and hence it is better at insulation.

Options Of Timber Flooring:

When you are shopping for timber flooring in North Sydney, you must be aware of your options. There is hardwood flooring which is the most sought after and durable option. Every board is made from a single piece of wood. Then there is softwood flooring. It is more like the hardwood flooring, but softer, more pliable and easier to work with. And then there is engineered wood flooring. It is made up of three to four layers of wood glued together and offers the thickness and quality of real timber. As compared to the hardwood and softwood flooring, it copes better with moisture due to its make. 

This little knowledge about the timber flooring will help you a lot while you are getting the timber floor in your house.