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Know About Types Of Hoardings In Sydney

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Construction

Hoardings play a very important role in construction sites. They are specially designed, erected and fabricated for the building sites. These hoardings are made up of timber, steel, and concrete. They are provided to the builders for the proposed period and are later dismantled or removed once the project is completed.

Hoarding in Sydney is known to be environment-friendly and works towards the aim to minimize waste. The components of the hoarding in Sydney are re-fabricated or re-used to avoid wastage thus providing great quality hoardings. The hoardings can be classified based on two types. They are the A class hoardings and B class hoarding. While the A class hoarding is used for the purpose to cover the construction sites and protect from theft, B class hoarding provides overhead protection for the footsloggers. 

The A-class hoardings are mainly used in the building sites and help to restrict the outsiders entering the construction sites. It is one of the most important things in the construction industry as it helps in safety and security. They play a vital role in playing as a cautionary method in the working zone so that no people are harmed while restricting theft.

The B class hoarding is specially built on the footpath so that the pedestrian is safeguarded from any unwanted circumstance on the construction site. There are chances of dangers in the construction site especially when the work involves height. Anything that may happen from above or an object can fall below. Hence the main aim of the B class hoarding is the safety of the pedestrians. The hoarding in Sydney is specially designed by engineers and is certified by the government and the hoarding industry. 

B class hoarding is built to help the scaffolding, site sheds, high climbers or swinging stages. The decks of the entire B class hoarding are designed to withstand strength of 1 ton per m2/ 10 kph.

One has witnessed a great rise in demand in hoarding in Sydney. It has also become mandatory in the construction site for many reasons. Also, hoardings are specially designed according to the specified projects. They are carefully planned and customized so that it serves both the safety and the security reasons. Today, the hoarding in Sydney comes in different designs and colour thereby presenting an attractive look to the onlookers.

B class hoarding

B class hoarding

Types of Hoardings

Hoardings in Sydney can be categorized in to,

  • Type A Hoarding – These types of hoardings are usually attached or fixed to the steel frame or a supporting timber. 
  • Type B Hoarding – They are more like a sturdy structure that is stretched to the roadways or footpath. It serves as the overhead protection for the pedestrians in case of accidents or unfavourable situations. 
  • Scaffolding on a public road – They are usually built on the roads for safety reasons. It involves Type A hoarding which is attached to the scaffolding frame.
  • Scaffolding on the deck of Type B hoarding – They are placed on the B Type hoarding deck, which accommodates the site sheds.