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Know about the Hi Bond Tapes

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Business

Hi Bond Tapes are pressure sensitive tapes that have adhesives on both the sides. They stick two surfaces together so that it is not visible in the end product. It lies between the objects and does not overlay them. It shows better craftsmanship and neater looking projects. It is not like rivets or screws and does not join materials in only one part.

One double-sided tape substrates to another, mainly when they are spreading the stress load. The double-sided step is used for specific applications like bonding glass, steel, plastic, concrete, foam, etc.

Understanding the material is very important especially for bonding. A textured surface is required so that it gives strength to the adhesive. Even the field conditions are very important as a product which might be used during summer or spring has a high chance of not working during sub-zero winter.

Factors like dirt, UV, heat, humidity, ice, and rain are important for preventing any type of tape failure. Even in construction applications, more and more tape is being used as the adhesive technology has become very important in the past few years. Seaming the building envelope is the prime concern of many. Hi bond tapes play a major role in the construction applications.

They overlap the house wrap seams. Water might migrate inside when single-sided tapes are used. It might even hamper the structure. A roller that might help in bonding the tape is actually very helpful. Hi bond tapes ensure that no water gets through and they can overlap Seams.

The vapor barrier seams can attach to cement walls in the spaces to be crawled. The builders are even using it in the basement to prevent any form of air leakage. Hi bond tapes can be attached to the barrier of the walls instead of using any size of screws.

The flooring underlayment includes attenuation barriers. If the buildings are airtight, the sound becomes the major problem. The flooring can be used with sound attenuation materials.

They permanently help to attach insulation to the walls. Hi bond tapes attach to the insulation to ensure it sticks to the building. It temporarily mounts something for permanently mounting it. It is used in electronic thermostats, baseboards, crown mouldings, light switch junction boxes, and electrical panels.

It helps in walkways and cover floors and protect the surface when the construction is almost underway. It is an aggressive adhesive system that helps to hold down the carpet and will not even leave any form of residue.


It helps in easy installation of the building materials. Manufacturers help in easy installation which even saves the installation time. It becomes very critical for hi bond tapes. The products can be made in an easy way and the tapes are helpful to stick the adhesive properly together.


It not only becomes long lasting but is also completely hassle-free. The installation process even becomes critical but the solution of the adhesives make it hold down perfectly without any kind of problems.