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Kitchen Renovations: Top Questions To Ask Your Contractor

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Home Improvement

Finding the right contractor for kitchen renovation does not exactly have to be a daunting task. The mantra is to ask the right questions. Find out who among the contractors is offering you satisfactory answers. Procuring the right answers would be crucial to the vetting process. So, if you are presently looking to invest in kitchen renovations in Wollongong, this particular post is for you. Explore the top questions you should ask your contractors before choosing one for your kitchen renovation. 

Do you work on a cost-plus contract?

Now, there are commonly two types of contracts that you will come across when you are in the process of selecting contractors for kitchen renovations in Wollongong. One is a fixed-rate contract and the other is a cost-plus contract. Cost-plus contracts are commoners among the two and they are typically known to benefit the contractor more than the client. This type of contract entails the client paying the renovation expenses (include overhead costs like labour, materials and insurance, mileage, etc.) plus the profit. 

A cost-plus contract is not recommended for clients working on a strict budget because there always are chances of unforeseen problems leading to spiralling expenses. A fixed cost contract, on the other hand, will ensure that your contractor takes it upon himself to inspect your kitchen specs meticulously and provide you with an outline of costs to eliminate all “unforeseen possibilities.”

Would you require me to work in a different set-up during the renovation?

Different contractors might as well have different ways of dealing with kitchen renovations in Wollongong. If you are someone not willing to rent a different place during the renovation, you should make sure that you are choosing a contractor who will let you use your kitchen while it is being remodelled. A remodelling project might end up taking days or even saddled by unforeseen delays. 

So, make sure you are spelling out your needs clearly to the contractor and then reaching an agreement. While it is obvious that you will not be able to use the kitchen as you usually do – you may not want to move out and rent another place just because your kitchen is being renovated. The contract should mention the hours when the kitchen will be available for use, the appliances that are still functional, etc. 

What is the duration of my project?

This, of course, remains one of the very important questions that you need to ask while you’re in the process of vetting contractors for kitchen renovations in Wollongong. When is the project going to start and when is it going to end? Would you be solely focusing on my project or do you plan to handle multiple projects (in that case, ask if there are chances of your timeline being impacted or not)? The contractor should only give an estimated timeframe, keeping the unforeseen delays and potential setbacks in view. 

The right contractor for kitchen renovations in Wollongong is just a few questions away! Hopefully, this particular primer will help you select the right contractor for your needs.