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The Best Kitchen Decorating Ideas

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Travel

It should be enjoyable to decorate your kitchen. Gather images from decorating magazines, brochures, and kitchen design books. Make a list of your favourite images. You can create your particular style by mixing a little of one thing with a lot of another.

Here are a few kitchen decorating basics:

Use Contrast

Cabinets stand out against a background designed to highlight them. Contrast is the key. Backgrounds for elegant cabinets should be plainer. For the walls, choose a plain paint colour, panelling, or a small-patterned wallcovering. Paint the ceiling with a bright colour that matches the cabinets. The flooring should be darker in colour than the walls, but not overly bright or patterned.

Reduce your kitchen contrast if you want the cabinets to blend into the background. Keep the cabinetry, as well as the wall, floor, and ceiling treatments, in the same room. Your room will be quieter and more serene if you use less contrast. A tranquil background sets the stage for something else to take centre stage.

Don’t forget the ceiling in your kitchen. Most ceilings are overlooked when it comes to decorating the kitchen in Sutherland shire. Beams, coffers, gorgeous paint colours, wall coverings, stencilling, and trellises work well in kitchens. The more visible the ceiling is in a larger kitchen, the more it demands that some aesthetic appeal be provided.

Make The Stove Hood A Focal Point

The hood is the design primarily done in today’s kitchens. The hood becomes a focal point, hanging on carved corbels over a fully integrated backsplash and stove. Consider making your own focal point in a variety of ways.

Use Fabrics and Furniture

If your kitchen includes a seating area, consider whether you want the fabrics on your furniture to take centre stage or play second fiddle to an exotic floor or wall pattern. If the upholstery is the main attraction, patterns can be as large and bold as the scale allows. Choose a pattern that is on the small side if your upholstery is second fiddle such as a small woven check, plaid, or stripe. Coordinate the fabrics in the seating area with the fabrics on the kitchen chairs. Make complementary fabric chair pads or cushions in a variety of designs, colours, and textures.

Streamline Window Treatments

A gorgeous window with no decoration at all is ideal in the kitchen. Unless your style calls for formal drapes, especially in an upholstered seating area, less is more in most circumstances. Simple light control and privacy solutions include thick-slat blinds, wooden shutters, matchsticks and old-fashioned window shades. However, there are dozens of alternative-style draperies, curtains, swags, and jabots to choose from.

Increase Visual Appeal

Larger kitchens in Sutherland Shire allow for more cabinets, bookshelves, and displays of treasured family portraits, antique plate collections, pitchers, a collection of coloured candlesticks, and other decorative items. Carefully arrange your collectibles on open shelves; the better the things relate to one another and space, the more appealing they appear.

Almost any culinary object can double as an accessory, especially if you have a collection of them. Follow the above tips to create an enhancing and attractive kitchen for your home.