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Key Benefits Of Installing Engineered Timber Flooring Northern Beaches

by | Jun 26, 2022 | Flooring

engineered timber flooring Northern Beaches

Hardwood flooring has been a popular flooring option for a long owing to its wood design and classy feel. However, development in technology and manufacturing have enabled the manufacturers to create modern engineered timber flooring in Northern Beaches a superior version of hardwood flooring. With features like dimensional stability and superior moisture resistance, engineered wood flooring is the best choice for commercial and residential applications. There are several benefits of installing engineered wood flooring because people worldwide are more inclined toward it.

Resistance to moisture & temperature 

Like the solid wood, engineered timber flooring in Northern Beaches does not undergo much expansion & contraction. Because of its refined composition, engineered wood has greater dimensional stability, thus making it less prone to changes in temperature. It is resistant to moisture & temperature, which separates it from solid wood. To be precise, solid wood flooring is not recommended for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Nevertheless, the high dimensional stability of engineered woods makes them highly suitable for such areas. 

Broad-spectrum of design & quality 

Several layers of plywood and other steady core materials like MDF are merged and finished with surfaces like wood veneer. The core material is the same in Northern Beach’s engineered timber flooring; the top veneer finishing can be customised. You will find a plethora of options in veneer-finished engineered wood that gives you a wide range of options. This type of flooring is aesthetically appealing because of its top cover, which is made of veneer that is solid wood and the underlying layers are steady engineered wood cores. 

Easy installation & extremely durable 

Superior construction and composition make engineered timber flooring in Northern Beaches easy to install & durable. Wider board flooring is easy to install but looking for wider boards is a daunting task with solid wood floors as you require a very large tree to construct a wide board. Alternatively, engineered is made from steady core material like MDF or plywood, making the production process of wide wood flooring easier. As the wider boards require fewer joints on the floor, installation is super easy. You do not have to take the tension of cost installing an engineered wooden floor. You will find a wide array of flooring options at a budget-friendly price. Engineered wood is composed of steady core materials like MDF or plywood, barring the veneer layer made of real wood, which you can afford at a relatively lower price.Engineered wood requires less maintenance and is durable without any major troubles. Thus, making it a highly valued option at an affordable price.

Final words 

There is no difference between real engineered wood and solid wood design pertinent to design, aesthetics, and look. You will find better aesthetics and better options in engineered wooden flooring compared to solid wood flooring. Superior moisture resistance, affordable pricing, low maintenance, and a wide range of designs have made engineered wooden flooring a reliable & better performing substitute for solid wood flooring. Thus, make your home look pleasing with the installation of engineered wooden flooring.