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Parent To A Jumbo Teddy Bear? Here’s How To Give Them A Rejuvenating Bath

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Business, Teddy Bears, Toys

Having a jumbo teddy bear at home can be fulfilling for several reasons; their warmth, comfort, and safety are unmatched. Irrespective of age, having a jumbo bear at home can enhance how one feels. Going home after a long day and snuggling with a giant teddy can be relaxing and refreshing at the same time. If you have a child at home and love their Winnie the Pooh bear and take him everywhere, you know nothing can match your toddler’s smile when they hug their yellow teddy.

Once you start using your teddy, wear and tear are inevitable. Especially when they have to slide with your baby in the garden and be on their couch in the noon, you know the teddy is going through tough times.

The ideal way to take care of a teddy is by ensuring they do not get dirty, and even if they get dirty, be sure to bathe them as soon as possible. Once you do so, the bear will have a longer lifespan, and even you will have to fight less dirt. 

Here Are Some Ways You Can Offer Your Teddy Bear The Proper Cleansing

Machine Washing

These days you can wash most teddy bears in our regular washing machine. If your teddy is machine friendly and fits the frontload machine, be sure to wash them once in a few weeks to have them fresh if they have accessories keep them the way and stitch if there are any tears. 

Be sure not to stuff them in the machine. Unless there’s space for them, do not squish them in the washer. 

Vinegar and Baking Soda

When Teddy signs wear and tear, step up your cleaning regimen by washing him with vinegar and a hot moisture mixture. Soak the fluffball in a bucket and cleanse him with the mixture. Just for enjoyment, make his grooming a bath-time game with your kid’s help. If the bear can fit in the washer, add two to three caps of undiluted vinegar to the rinse cycle and lightly spray baking soda into the mix. The baking soda will help deodorise her favourite fluffy friend.

Spot Washing

You can do this, especially when your bear doesn’t fit in the washer. It will allow you to have a better solution for the cleaning. Instead of soaking and putting them in the washer, you can clean individual spots of dirt and clean the entire teddy. You might have to do this frequently compared to regular washes; however, it will be helpful for you once you do so. Soap and finger brushes can offer you better cleaning, and for the small space of your Winnie the Pooh bear, you can use an earbud to clean them. 

Heat Cleaning

Although the Jumbo teddy bear may be the cutest around, unfortunately, many stuffed creatures carry all kinds of germs, as well as lice, bed bugs and even dust mites. Kill off the undesirable health hazards with heat. If your child’s cherished bear fits in a pillowcase, enclose him securely and throw him in the dryer for a few minutes to kill dust mites. Using an oversized teddy, use a lint roller or vacuum with the drapes nozzle to suck out soil and grime.

Removing Odours

Whether your child realises it or not, even a bear will start to smell bad if he does not take a bath. After spot cleaning:

  1. Remove smells by placing Teddy in a large plastic sack with baby powder, corn-starch or baking soda.
  2. Fasten the bag and give fluffball a shake.
  3. If your kid is helping, make it a dance party while her precious toy is absorbed with the powder.

Once Teddy is covered in powder, let him sit for a few hours before brushing him off with a brush or a vacuum cleaner.


This will allow you to have a better solution for your teddy bear!