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IO Domain – Up And Coming Domain For Tech Websites & Startups

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Travel

Planning for a tech startup? Have heard about .IO Domain but wondering what it is? It’s good that you came across this article as here you will get the answer to all the questions that might have popped up in your mind. Naming your startup in the right manner is important as the target customers are most likely to find your website online by entering the related keywords. So, having a domain name that helps your business stand out and attract customers is of utmost importance. But, here the big question remains – how to pick the right domain when the market is flooded with a number of different domain extensions? However, .IO and .TECH are the most commonly used domains for the companies belonging to the technology sector, though some may not know the difference between the two. Thereby, in this post, we’ll help you understand the exact difference between .IO and .TECH domains along with a brief know-how on the process of choosing the domain name.

What is .IO Domain?

Many businesses and tech start-ups are using .IO Domain but are unaware of the fact that it is a ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) allocated to British Indian Ocean Territory. Generally used in computer language as an abbreviation for input/output, it’s certainly considered ideal for programming websites targeted for people, especially in the programming sector. But it does not hold any significance for the end users who do not have basic knowledge of computer science. This is due to the fact that the letters “IO” holds no relevance or no meaning for end users and hence they are not able to search for the website name using .IO as the domain extension.

Is .IO Domain better than .TECH Domain?

As it has been stated above that .IO belongs to a particular region while .TECH can be used by anyone; the latter becomes the preferred choice. Anyone who is not much aware of the computer terminology will not be searching the .IO domain while .TECH is comparatively common and more SEO friendly. Seeing a .TECH domain name can make it clear to anyone what the startup is about whereas .IO can be a little complicated and will require some research by the people to find out what it deals in. Therefore, it can be said that using a .TECH domain name is a much better option.

How to Select a Domain Name?

It is really simple these days to get a domain name for your startup. All you need to do first is to decide a proper name which is in sync with the business of your startup. Make sure that the name selected is according to the keywords that are most likely to get high searches. It should also be simple and easy to remember.

You can decide a name and check its availability by using a domain name generator that is present on .TECH Domains. Just select the one that seems to be most relevant from the list of names that will be listed near to the name that you have entered. You can start using the selected domain name by paying for the time period you want. The charges are reasonable, and the name generator tool that is available on this platform is also absolutely free of cost.

Isn’t it an easy process? Yes, choosing a domain name that too considering the tech industry trends have never been this simple. So, start using the .TECH Domains and create an awesome brand for your startup right away.