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Interesting Things to Know about Garage Remote

by | Aug 24, 2019 | Business, garage doors

Ever wondered about the remote that facilitates and eases our efforts towards the opening and closing of the garage doors each time we either park or take out our vehicles for a ride?

Ever faced the situation of getting down from the car during a heavy shower, and getting yourself completely drenched?

All hail the majestic power of garage remotes in Sydney!

It is one of the essential inclusions made by garage door manufacturers to ensure that the customers do not face the trouble of getting out of the car to close or open the door even in the case of severe weather abnormalities. This handy device is of great utility when it comes to operating various functions while sitting in the car.

Origin of Remote-Controlled Garages

It is considered that the birth of the remote-controlled garage doors took place during World War II. The tale of garage doors is old. It comes into existence in the days the garage was there. The new introduction was the remote-controlled one.

However, the initial days of this remote-controlled unit were quite challenging. The signal used to operate the gates were radio waves and were not unique. Hence, if you were the only person operating the gate, the matter would have been fine. But, if there were two gates, then operating on the remote would open both gates at the same time. This led to an increase in the number of crimes and robberies.

However, with the advancement in technology, the companies supplying garage remotes in Sydney have been able to meet consumer satisfaction quite easily.

The following are some of the important phases that led to what we have the modern secured, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing garage doors controlled by remote–

Garages with Matched Switches

This is the very first of the type of garage remotes in Sydney that was on the market. The designing and programming of these gates have been based on switches. The switches were placed inside the garage door opener and the remote. When pressed the right combination, the gates opened. This switch ensured a total of 4096 combinations. However, according to the experts, these matched switch garages were partial safety because a thief can break into them if the code was deciphered with a little patience.

Gates with Rolling Code

The most secure of the remote-controlled till now. Believed to have come into existence in the ’70s and ’80s; these gates use a rolling code system to open or close. The concept of this gate is to ensure two-way communication between the garage doors and garage remotes in Sydney. With over approximately 3 million combinations, the code generated is one time and expires after every operation. The entire code remains a secret between the door opener and the garage door.


There is a lot to expect from the advancement. Companies are making these doors safer and handier. The complexity of the mechanism has been reduced with stress being laid on enhancing durability and endurance.