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India’s HRIS Software – For Small & Medium Businesses

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Travel

Recently, HRIS solutions for small businesses are becoming more popular. Many companies are moving from manual methods to automated ways using HRIS Software. This software is integrated with tools to help you to automate your HR task. They use powerful technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies make HRIS solutions more efficient and simple to use.

Due to numerous HRIS systems for medium businesses, people find it hard to choose the right one. Here are some of the HRIS solutions which you can choose for your small and medium business.

HRIS Software


This software has been developed to assist these businesses to manage human resources better and also grow faster. This software will help you to automate your HR task. It will help you to focus more on your employees and business. These HRIS solutions have features such as payroll, helpdesk, self-service portal, attendance management, document management, onboarding, task reporting, Geotracking, performance management, recruitment, expense management, timesheet, recognition, rewards, training, survey, asset management, biometric integration, loan management, and many others. The price of this software is based on the requirements and the modules you need for your business.

It is a complete HRIS solution for small and medium businesses. In terms of deployment, it is easy, and it adopts a mobile-first and employee-centric approach. Small and medium businesses choose this solution to deliver the best functionalities for maximum performance.

It has various features such as; self-services, employee management, leaves management, claims management, salary configurations, payroll management, reporting, onboarding, time attendance, recruitment process, performance management, and many others.

This solution has four different pricing packages for your business.

This is another great HRIS solution for your small business that will help automate your HR processes and self-services. It is a crucial ingredient for your business growth. This HRIS system focuses on small and medium businesses—back up your business with this technology for better HR performance.

It has features like payroll management, leave management, HR management, Task management, self-services, attendance management, expenses management, more than one company support, Geo mark+, and many others. It has different plans, so the pricing will depend on the plan you choose.

A cloud-based HRIS system design specifically for small and medium businesses. It helps you to streamline payroll and HR processes. It challenges the traditional methods by automating the HR task. Its cloud-based solution reduces paperwork and increases productivity. It will help the HR team to reach the organization’s goals.

Below are the features that can help you automate the HR task; Attendance, leaves, biometrics, payroll automation, project timesheets, social network, help desk, onboarding, performance management, recruitment management, document management, recruitment, and other functionalities.

The Pricing of this HRIS System Varies Depending on the Plan you Choose

It is a solution that aims at improving the experience for employers and employees across India. It was developed using superior technology and had a better user experience. It has features like payroll, self-service, leave management, onboarding, task management, attendance management, expense management, assets management, Geotracking, and other features. It has three different pricing plans you can choose for your business.

These are among India’s HRIS software for small and medium businesses. They are significant as they will connect your workflow and people. It will support your HR operations and will boost your business productivity. The most beneficial thing you can gain from this HIRS is how it automates most of your HR operations. Based on the features and pricing, you can choose the one that meets your business requirements and budget.