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Important Facts About Timber Flooring

by | Nov 30, 2019 | Flooring

Flooring is quite a common way of renovating these days. New flooring gives a different and fresh appeal to the existing room, and timber flooring in Castle Hill is a common choice. The moment you hear timber, you automatically think of something strong and solid. As a customer or someone who wants to start a business or even as someone who takes an interest in the subject, it is expected that you should know some basic facts about timber flooring.

Basics regarding timber flooring:

Timber flooring in Castle Hill is the process of creating or recreating a floor using timber. Below is a selection of the basics regarding it.

Timber flooring can also be called wood or plank flooring. It is called the former because timber is a trendy wood of choice. The latter name is attributed to it, as this kind of flooring is commonly done by using timber planks. It is called planking in colloquial language, as this style has been popular for many years, and it has been so due to its prolonged aesthetic value and durability.

Its speciality is that it is an environmentally friendly option to have. Used planks, reclaimed planks, and recycled planks can be used to significant effect. Timber is such a strong kind of wood that its reusability does not deteriorate its performance to a large extent.

This kind of flooring can be of such versatility that it is used in a myriad of places. Homes, offices, institutions, ceremony halls, hotels, lounges, and schools are just a few examples. Obviously, the higher the footfall, the higher will be its use. The greater its use, the greater the pace of its deterioration. But the fact that this type of flooring has been used for time immemorial only goes to prove the fact of its reliability.

Ways of using timber flooring:

There are several ways of using timber for flooring. 

Hardwood flooring- It is installed directly onto the existing floor, whether it be wood, concrete, or anything else. The ‘tongue and groove’ pattern maximizes the strength of the flooring.

Parquetry – It is a decorative way of flooring which mainly uses two patterns, mosaic, and block. The latter is used more for flooring.

Strip Flooring – As the name suggests, narrow timber planks are used in usually a ‘tongue and groove’ fashion. Mostly, the arrangement of the planks is made parallel to the sides of the room.

Engineered Flooring – This is the new alternative to solid wood. Here, different kinds of timber are used to make a single. Its advantage is that it is much less expensive than solid timber wood. You can choose a very costly-looking wood for the exposed layer while opting for the less attractive ones for the layers underneath. It will save you a fortune. But do not compromise on strength and durability in any case, even if it saves your money.

Hence, if you want new flooring for your house or office, then go ahead with timber. As such, you may find the best timber flooring in Castle Hill.