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Importance Of Smoke Alarm And Its Maintenance!

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Home Improvement, Safety

According to the Home Fire Survey, homes with smoke alarms have fire-fighting levels of less than half the homes with no Smoke alarms. When considering such numbers, most homeowners would undoubtedly agree that a smoke detector is an important precaution to ensure the safety of their homes and families.

But just Smoke alarms in your homes won’t ensure a safer environment automatically. Smoke alarms lose their effectiveness when mounted improperly, positioned inadequately or poorly maintained and can not function as necessary.

Research and pick your smoke alarms: 

If your current Smoke alarms are older than 10 years or if you have no detectors in your house, you will need to invest in new detectors immediately.

Until you buy, do some work on Smoke alarms of various kinds. The brands, models and price points available are various, so try to choose which one best suits your security requirements and your budget. Read online reviews carefully to see what real customers think about each detector.

Each level of your home buy Detectors: 

Your home design can decide how many Smoke alarms you need, but at least one should be mounted on each floor of your house, with one or more inside each bedroom and one outside the bedroom. When you count the number of tools you need, don’t forget to take basement and attics into consideration when separate levels.

smoke alarms

smoke alarms

Install your smoke alarms quickly in the central location:

You don’t want to spend any nights without the detector protection. Install your Smoke alarms as soon as possible. In the middle of each room, place every alarm on a flat wall or ceiling stretch. Make sure the detectors are approximate 12 inches or less from the ceiling for wall placed devices.

Test Your Smoke Alarms Imminently:

After installation, call every member of the household for detectors once the Smoke alarms are installed. Click the check button on each phone, to make sure each person recognizes the alarm sound easily. It is also an excellent time, along with routes and meeting points outside, to chat about your home evacuation plan. Local authorities provide a range of drills to add to your fire drill to ensure that each family member is ready and is more likely to get unharmed if a fire ever erupts.

Power Tests Monthly:

Although some intelligent Smoke alarms test themselves, it is generally a good idea to test the detectors manually at least once a month. To run a test, press the test button for the smoke detector, confirm that the device is working. If you have fire alarms in your home areas you can not reach easily, take precautions to test them when you climb. Use a robust stepper–never a chair–and carry out these tasks while a family member is at home.

Replace Non-Hardwired Batteries for Non-Hardwired Detectors Every year: 

When your sensor works, do not wait for the battery to be found dead. Instead, set a specific annual date for battery replacement— for example, the first day of summer or the day of the Memorial. Choosing a famous date helps you keep your tasks in mind. Always follow the instructions for the manufacturer’s guidelines when replacing the batteries of your Smoke alarms.