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Importance of Considering Customer Reviews While Buying Properties

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Real Estate

Buying  house is not an easy task. You have to do extensive research, check out things for yourself, ask several people, complete lot of paperwork and a lot of other stuff. But when it comes to investing a large chunk or in many cases your entire life savings on something this much awareness is required. The harsh truth is that the market is filled with fraud brokers who will resolve to any unscrupulous methods to make a profit out of you and in the worst case scenario run away with your money.

With the advent of social media and accessible graphics, these builders and brokers create attractive hoardings, brochures and a lot of fake documents which becomes impossible for someone new looking to buy a property. They promise you a lot of nice things until you hand over them your money and then they act like strangers.

Therefore, apart from extensive research and on-site visits, you should also consider customer reviews while buying a property.

  1. They have faced the same issues:Like you, a lot of other people must have applied for the same property, spoken to the broker, the builder, went on on-site visits, hired lawyers for correct paperwork and all the other stuff. In a nutshell they have already walked that path and talking to them will give you the ground reality of what the whole process is. The hassles, the setbacks, the false promises, the payments etc.
  2. Learn from their mistakes:Mistake once made is an experience and repeated is just stupid. Customer reviews provide you with the mistakes they did while buying the property. This provides you with a blueprint that you can follow to avoid those pitfalls. The more customer reviews you read, the more people you talk to it will help you get to know how many severe and minor blunders these people made which have put them in the situation that they are in now. Everyone will have some different story, the more you understand them the lesser chances of you getting duped.
  3. Price negotiation:Prices of property fluctuate all the time and sometimes brokers charge according to their will. Considering customer reviews will give you an estimate of the average cost of the property. You can use this to negotiate with the broker to get you the best deal possible.

So those are the benefits of considering customer reviews before investing in a property.

Being a smart investor is a must if you want to stay away from any form of fraud. Trust your senses, research extensively and never fall for any lucrative deal if somewhere in your head you feel its flawed.

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