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Ideas For Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Concrete

Those days are over when concrete used to be grey, plain, and boring. Now, it has converted into a wonderful decorative element. And concrete designs are also one of the latest trends for concrete floors, concrete patios, pool decks, countertops, etc. Starting from budget one-room properties showcasing beautifully stained concrete floorings to expensive properties with elaborate concrete driveways, concrete resurface floors have become a very popular option for decorating flooring. The latest techniques used in concrete dyes and stains, concrete tools, patterns, and textures, make this the most durable, versatile, and budget-friendly material on the market. 

As a result, more and more builders, property owners, and designers are recognizing the benefits of using concrete in construction and design plans. So, if you want to convert your conventional grey concrete flooring into weather-resistant outdoor kitchen countertops, valuable slate-looking patios, warm brown floors, etc., then decorative concrete is the idea. So, by choosing decorative concrete resurfacing in Greater Western Sydney, you can decide the right shade that you want in the pool deck while paying just half or how you want to decorate your countertop kitchen island with concrete. 

What makes decorative concrete resurfacing so popular?

Decorative concrete resurfacing works as a wonderful way to make the properties look more attractive without having to spend loads of money. And with the availability of great options, it almost becomes difficult to tell that the designs are done with concrete. Some parts of the entire job are designed in such a way that imitates the appearance of natural stones. In some cases, the resurfacing job is performed in such a way that looks like the area is made out of brick designs.

Apart from that, decorative concrete resurfacing in Greater Western Sydney is also used to create designs, which can mimic the appearance of old stones. In some cases, this job is also performed indoors to mimic the appearance of materials like marbles and other highly expensive materials and their designs.

What are the popular ideas for decorative concrete resurfacing?

  1. Concrete dyes: These are often used on residential and commercial properties for soundproofing walls, floorings, kitchen counters, and bridges. What makes concrete dyes popular is its ability to be moulded into different compositions and forms. The best thing about using concrete dyes is that you can even remodel your old concrete flooring this way.
  2. Stamped concrete: This type of resurfacing is all about adding colours and textures to the concretes to make these resemble different materials like stone, slate, cobblestone, brick, and many other products that are usually found in nature like wood, shells, fossils, etc. The great variety of colour and pattern choices make this type of concrete popular for beautifying pool decks, patios, driveways, etc. Apart from looking great, this type of decorative concrete is also highly affordable and needs less maintenance than any other type of flooring material.
  3. Acid staining: Acid staining is not a pigment-based colouring system or dying. Instead, it is a chemical reaction where a mix of water, mineral salts, and a little quantity of muriatic acid is applied onto the concrete surface. The existing lime and the chemical reaction over a certain period create an earthy tone on the concrete surface. After that, this surface is scrubbed to remove excess stain, and then it is neutralized by a solution of water and ammonia or baking soda to increase the Ph level back to the usual standards.
  4. Water staining: These stains are very similar to acid stains. And in this process, the staining takes place in such a way, which creates a great translucent appearance like acid. Some of the stains are washable for getting the translucent effect and the opaque colour.
  5. Epoxy coating: This type of decorative concrete resurfacing in Greater Western Sydney is spread over the concrete dyes, acid-stained flooring, and concrete overlays for sealing and protecting the flooring properly while offering it a natural finish. These days, epoxy coatings are also available in coloured variants, which make these even more popular. 
  6. Engraving: Concretes can also be remodelled by using cutting and grooving lines onto the surface.
  7. Polishing: In this type of decorative concrete resurfacing, the concrete is polished by using diamond pads of big grit sizes or mechanical grinds.