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Guideline On How You Prepare Your Home Before Timber Flooring Dural Installation

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Flooring, Home Improvement

There is no better option for flooring other than timber which can last for so long with proper maintenance. So, most Australians feel quite safe about their choice of wooden flooring. However, the installation process is not that easy. It can create a huge mess if you do not prepare beforehand. The professionals responsible for Timber Flooring In Dural supplies will indeed be there to take care of the preparation part. But, still, you can do a lot of things on your part to make sure the entire installation process goes on without a glitch.  

Here are some pre-installation preparation tips for timber flooring:

Controlling the Dust:

While installing timber flooring Dural, the biggest challenge becomes controlling the uncontrollable dust all around. The installers take the basic necessary precautions. But you can take better control of the situation than them. At first, seal off the rooms. Secondly, buy and use huge plastic sheets to cover every inch of the perimeter where the flooring installation is going on. Now, you have to do the same to seal off the HVAC system with the plastic cover to make sure that the dust cannot settle down anywhere and don’t get the chance to get circulated.

Open Up the Doors:

The second thing you can do is to detach the doors from their frames before the installers of timber flooring Dural come in. All you need is a nail and a small hammer to open up the hinges. This way, you will not only give better access to the installers but by keeping the doors stacked in a room aside, you will be able to safeguard the doors as well.

Prepare an Outdoor Location for Cutting the Wooden Floor:

To make sure that the dust and debris that will get created because of the wood cutting do not get a room in your home to settle down, you can find a good outdoor location and ask the installers to cut the timber there. It will also give a lot of freedom of movement to the installers. However, the outdoor location you will choose for the installers to work with the timber supplies, you have to make sure that the place has electrical outlets. The base should be hard, availability of both natural and artificial lighting and last but not the least, convenient access to the front door of your home.

Concentrate on the Sub Floor:

Usually, the installers do not concentrate on the subfloor that much unless the price charged by them includes this service. To make sure that the new flooring you are going to install remains smooth and strongly attached, you can do a few works on your own to prepare the subfloor. Look for dips and any other flaws that are there and fix those beforehand as a part of the preparation process. The timber flooring Dural must securely attach to the floor joist. Therefore, consider concentrating on the subfloor before the timber flooring installation.


So, these were a few crucial preparation tips that you can put to use before timber flooring installation. If you are not sure about how to get the preparation work done, you may ask the installers for their advice regarding which way you can make the installation work run smoothly.