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How Your Home Builders Cronulla Can Help You Cut Down Your Energy Bills

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Home Improvement

Planning to build a custom house with home builders Cronulla? Don’t forget to add these energy-efficient features to your custom home!

When homeowners partner with home builders Cronulla, they automatically assume that the construction process will cost them a lot. Sure, building a home from scratch is very expensive. But, homeowners can add features and devices to their homes that can save them a lot of energy and money in the future. Homebuilding processes offer homeowners the perfect chance to become eco-friendly residents. Here are some energy-efficient gadgets and features all homeowners must consider adding to their properties during renovations or reconstructions –

Smart Lighting Arrangements

A smart light is a device that you can control via your phone. Apps run these devices. Homeowners can turn on/off their lighting arrangements via Bluetooth on their smartphones. More impressively, the latest smart lighting systems come with various energy-saving features. Homeowners can set automatic timers for when they’re away. They can dim the light when extra brightness is not required. Smart lighting features typically feature LED lightbulbs. LED lightbulbs, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, consume far less energy. Swapping traditional lightbulbs for LED lightbulbs could be the best decision homeowners make for themselves and the environment. So, property owners must ask their home builders Cronulla to make provisions for adding smart lighting features.

Smart Vents

Similar to smart lighting arrangements, smart vents can also be controlled via smartphone apps. For home builders Cronulla, installing smart vent systems is very easy. Little to no modifications are required for replacing old vents. Plus, these vents are less expensive than traditional zoned systems. With smart vents, homeowners can –

  • Manage their HVAC system via their phones.
  • Pre-set ideal temperatures for every room in their homes
  • Smart vents automatically open/close whenever they think air redirection is needed in a room.

Traditional vents need to be opened/closed by hand if homeowners want to change the temperatures of their rooms. Smart vent systems come equipped with motion and proximity sensors that automatically detect which are being used. Using this understanding, they save plenty of electrical energy.

Energy Supervising Devices and Advanced Power Strips

You won’t need the assistance of your home builders Cronulla to get energy monitoring devices. These devices can be easily purchased from any electrical device store. Install them in your electrical panel and wait for it to send accurate data-based reports regarding how much energy you’re using every day. After knowing this information, homeowners can realize which appliances drain the most energy. They can then take apt measures to optimize their homes’ energy use. Lowering utility bills has never been easier!

Also, ask your home builders Cronulla to add advanced power strips to your electrical systems. These machines automatically cut off energy supplies to inactive devices. For instance, if a TV is left on and unused for long periods, these power strips will automatically cut standby power.

Thermal Leak Detector

Your home builders, Cronullamay need the assistance of electricians to install a thermal leak detector. These devices identify locations in the home where hot/cold air is leaking for no reason. The infrared sensors on thermal leak detectors automatically sense these leaks and notify homeowners. Why waste energy when there are so many devices that can help you reduce your energy bills!