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How to waterproof your bathroom?

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Home Improvement

Waterproofing now uses revolutionary solutions for the bathroom and the shower area. It acts as a self-adhesive system and offers easy and secure waterproofing. Any surface made of concrete, cement, ceramic, plastic board and wood can be fixed. The advanced technology disregards weather a little and makes it possible to do the waterproofing work in any season.

In places like Australia, where there are occasional rains, waterproofing becomes a very easy task. In Sydney, there are experts in waterproofing.

Why it is important to use advanced technology?

The advanced technology from the waterproofing services Sydney can directly stick to the wall and floor services without using any additional liquid sealing material. Waterproofing also comes with antibacterial properties that can offer the base surface for every type of style glue. In this article, let us see the steps to waterproof the bathroom.

Measure the area and choose the set

Depending upon the size of the area you will need to waterproof your bathroom. You have to measure the size of the area and determine if you want to waterproof the shower area or the complete bathroom. It is always recommended by the waterproofing services of Sydney to waterproofing the shower floor and walls. Most of the other bathroom waterproofing membrane sets are used for waterproofing the whole bathroom. Safe and effortless installation, search assets are very compatible with the tileable shower elements.

Check the surface

Before the installation, it is advised to test the bonding strength of the membrane by applying a small test strip on the surface.

Clean the work area

Starting with the installation process the floor and the walls should be clean. It is very much necessary for achieving the optimal bonding for all the surfaces through bathroom waterproofing membrane.

Apply the corner pieces

You have to always start the application with the corner pieces. You have to cover the inner corner pieces as well as the outer corner pieces. Waterproofing services Sydney also reminds you of the chance of shortening the solid pieces by cutting them to the required size.

Apply tape for corner and edges

You can cover all the corners with the corner sealing tape. Then you can remove the protective film. Application of pressure you can remove them easily. Waterproofing services Sydney say that it is very important to solve the corner sealing tape completely over at the corner pieces.

waterproofing services sydneyWaterproof plumbing fittings

You have to use the wall sleeves to see all plumbing fittings and pipes coming out of the walls or floor. It is very important to check that they are free from residues before the application of the bathroom waterproofing membrane.

Apply membrane on walls

For applying the bathroom waterproofing membrane you have to you more about 10 cm of the product of all sides and work done to remove the foil. Know that you have to apply the membrane from top to bottom and make sure it overlaps with the corners. And when removing the foil do not forget to check whether it damages the membrane.

Correction and finishing

A continuing strip of the bathroom waterproofing membrane should be used to apply the corner tape and check whether it overlaps the next membrane on top of the tape.

Application of the membrane of the floor for bathroom sealing

You can complete by waterproofing the shower of the bathroom with the help of waterproofing services Sydney. Finally, they will ensure that the waterproofing membrane completely covers the shower and check sufficient overlap between the sealing membrane.