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How To Use Collectable Figurines To Generate Passive Income In 2022

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Shopping, Toys

People are constantly in search of lucrative investment opportunities. From opening term deposits to trading cryptocurrencies – most people try a variety of things to generate passive income. 

However, in this era of inflation, traditional investment instruments or opportunities may not yield super-high returns. On the other hand, rare, non-traditional markets and investment opportunities like collectable figurines are growing in popularity.

What are Collectable Figurines?

Anything that appreciates in value over time can be technically deemed an investment opportunity. Over the past decades, the demand for rare, high-quality collectable figurines has skyrocketed across the Western world.

From baseball cards to vinyl toys to plush teddy bears – rare, high-quality collectable items are in high demand. Many people buy and sell high-value items like collectable teddy bears in niche markets to generate amazing income. 

Experienced collectors see their rare collectable items increase in value by 100% or more every year. They sell at the right time to make the best possible returns on their investments.

Why are Collectable Figurines Valuable?

Rare collectable items have become popular for different reasons. Some people have a general interest in figurines. For example, collectable bears in Australia have been extremely popular among toy collectors for several decades. 

Owning such an item with a strong customer base can be hugely profitable for collectors. Collectors also find value in rare collectable figurines for the following reasons –

  • Sentimental Connection: Many collectors take years to build their figurine or toy collections. They keep adding to their collections by buying new figurines every year. Once they build a full collection, they create something of immense value that very few people in the world have. Every year, these sentimental forces keep expanding the global market for collectable teddy bears and other figurines. 
  • The Thrill of the Hunt: Imagine wanting to own a rare figurine for many years. You scour through magazines, web forums, and websites to find it. Finally, you see the object you’ve wanted forever listed for sale on a website. Doesn’t it sound thrilling? It may not seem to you, but for long-term collectors, there’s no better feeling than hunting down rare collectables. 
  • Tangible: Unlike stocks or even NFTs, your collectable figurines are tangible. You can touch them, display them in shows, and even share them with your friends.
  • Something for Everybody: The concept of investing in collectibles is becoming more popular every year. Thankfully, in this market, there’s something for everybody. You can find high-quality collectibles in every price range. Buy the ones that suit your budget. Preserve them and see their values increase with time. Who knows, you may end up buying pieces of treasures that sell for much higher prices in the future. 

How to Generate Passive Income with Collectable Items? 

If you want to generate income using collectable bears in Australia or with other collectable items, take the following steps –

  • Start by buying smaller and cheaper figurines in larger editions. These items are typically cheaper. They offer the perfect entry point for new, inexperienced collectors.
  • Use the Internet to research the marketplaces and sellers you’re buying the collectable figurines from. Only buy items from established collectors or sellers.
  • Make sure your collectables come with authentication numbers or codes.

Three factors will determine your collectable’s value – its rarity, market demand, and overall desirability. Many experienced collectors buy teddy bears online. Why? Because millions of people use teddy bears as children, so they’re highly desirable. 

Now, if you buy a teddy bear that was only produced in specific regions, you’re in luck. Limited edition teddy bears are currently in huge demand in the global collectibles market. Use this guide to start your collector’s journey now!