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How To Use A Green Screen: 5 Tips For Using A Green Screen

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Arts, Business

The use of green screen shooting technology has been a preference for the people associated with the film and entertainment industry. Action stunts have become easier and safer to shoot.

For instance, a sequence where the actor falls off a tall building does not require the actor or stunt man to fall off the building in real life. Leading movie directors such as James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, etc., have revealed how they created masterpieces such as Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin with great ease. Today many big production houses are availing green screen rental services for video shooting.

The Biggest beneficiary has been the horror genre. Walking into scary jungles in the middle of the night is no longer required as it can be digitally done in a studio. The studio is made attractive to capture the eye of the target audience. Photographers use green-screen effects for portrait picture-making and for creating portfolios as it requires novelty in every click.

Read-on relating the tactics that could be used. It is an actual fun activity that could be deemed, as you get to improvise the pictures with the help of various visual effects.

Pay close attention to your lighting levels.

The best type of light to use to light a green screen are soft lights. The recommended wattage is 300-500 or 650. Anything stronger will likely create some hot spots unless you position them at a good distance and diffuse them.

Also common is to place smaller fixtures, 300-350w, either on the floor facing up or above facing down. These lights will also be diffused. With four diffused lights illuminating the green screen in a symmetrical way, your background will certainly be evenly lit. Ask every technicality from your green screen rental company before hiring.

Don’t ignore the shadows.

Always make sure that your lights have barn doors and make sure you have plenty of diffusions. This will help a lot to spread the light evenly across the background. A common way to light a green screen is to position softboxes at 45 degrees on the right and left side facing the green screen.

Depth of field is essential.

Backdrops made of muslin are possibly the best and before using it, a photographer should make sure that it is ironed. Chroma’s key effects are all about infusing the fairy world into a simple looking picture.

This technique helps in making the simplest looking images beautiful. A drastic transformation could be done. A photographer could utilize overlapping effects and for this, there is a need to capture or record images.

Use a tripod and keep it stable.

Use a tripod and keep the green screen stable. So that you can create the desired images or videos. Many green screen rental basis companies offer tripods too.

Leave green props and clothing at home.

Whatever background you want to use, such an image needs to be photographed. After having collected quality images of your taste, you could place the subject against the green backdrop that is placed in your studio. It is essential to make sure that the subject is not wearing a colour similar to the backdrop.

Try a darker background image or video to hide stray pixels.

Appropriate lighting is necessary to get the best of the results. You could make use of lights that range between 250 to 600 watts. This is so to avoid dark shadows falling on the subject’s face or any dark spots appearing on the screen placed at the rear.

Adjust your software settings

Adjust your software settings; editing the image could be done and merged with the photograph you want. For instance, if you’re going to give an impression of sitting surrounded by flowers in an open field, you’d need to edit a picture of yours into a picture with open land full of flowers. Even the smallest of the things could be made to look giant and even vice-versa.

You can create attractive images or videos using software that easily apply green screen effects. The green screen studio products are equally useful for professionals and amateurs to make videos or pictures visually striking and impressive. Get the best green screen on a rental basis today and boost your video production.