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How to Use a Glazing Tape?

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Business

Windows installation can be made easily and quickly using glazing tape. It can be used as a packing tape by utilizing its adhesive properties as a sealer and surface protector. The two main types of glazing tape are:

  • Expansion type which rises above the surface where it is applied and 
  • The basic adhesive which is applied to hold steadily a piece of glass.

It is often used as a packing tape on skyscraper windows where it is necessary for the glasses to be properly aligned and fixed in place. 

It will not take you much effort to understanding how you can apply this tape because the method of its application is fast and easy.

Let us take you through the steps that are required in the use and application of this tape to the various surfaces and windows.

Step 1:

You need to know the length, height, and thickness of the window before you select a tape. Measuring the dimensions of the window will help you to select the appropriate size of the glazing tape.

Step 2:

Once you know the dimensions of your window, the next stage is for you to choose a tape of an appropriate size and weight for the window. Note that the tape must be able to support the window’s weight and should not be too thick so it would not have to be seen by someone on the outside. 

The tape should come with a label that will indicate its weight and size as well as the size and the weight of the windows that matches with it. You should take the chance to decide if you want a basic adhesive or an expandable glazing tape. Just for the record, the expandable type offers more support and security for your windows.

Step 3:

In this stage, you will bring out your tools for a more practical session. Now you are ready to cut the tape in the form of strips which will cover the length of the window and that includes its four sides. Endeavor to cut the tape at an inclined angle to save the corners from overlapping.

Step 4:

Clean and smoothen the surface of the glass by using a soft cloth.


Apply the tape on the glass at the edges. Try to prevent any bubbles of air from residing under the tape by pressing and releasing the tape gently. Ensure that the pieces of the tape do not overlap.

Step 6:

Get the window ready for the installation of the glass. Remove the rubber seal on the window and clear off any broken pieces of glass. Do not try to blow off the pieces of glass with your mouth; you can just wipe it off gently with a piece of cloth. This is to prevent the pieces of glass from flying into any part of your body especially the eye and the ear.

Step 7:

Remove the paper at the back of the tape by peeling it off. Fix the glass in the window case and ensure that you press the glass gently. This is to ensure that the glass is properly fixed in the window casing. 

Step 8:

Use a soft cloth to cover your hand and run through the edges of the window to ensure that the tape and the window casing are held firmly.

Step 9:

Remember the sealant which you removed? Now is the time to put it back. Just replace it around the window edges. 

Step 10:

Your work is complete, but you need to test the finishing by opening the window. If you can open the window without any noise or difficulty and everything is properly aligned, then you are successful with your work.