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How To Select Mobile Phone Repairing Tools?

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Mobile Repair

While making a selection of mobile phone repair tools and equipment, it is crucial to select the top-notch ones, even if the cost is a little higher. Going for cheap and inexpensive tools may not be a good option when repairing a mobile cell phone.

Then again, increasing a bit of your budget for the best quality gear will assist you with fixing a cell phone effectively and efficiently. There are many phone repair technicians in Merrylands trained in mobile phone fixing and as per experience we should consistently choose and purchase the best instruments accessible on the web. These great quality tools may cost somewhat more however you will be glad that you purchased the best pieces of equipment.

There are hundreds of tools available in the market for phone repairs in Merrylands. It is important to select the best brand near you. Following is the list of all the professional gear and equipment required for mobile phone repair.

1) Soldering Iron

This device is used to solder small elements like a resistor, speakers, display and microphones, and so on. A 60-watt iron does a good job for most mobile phones.

When purchasing a soldering iron, you must select the one that can be behold easily and does not injure your hand. A good soldering iron should obtain options where one can choose and select different types and shapes of soldering tips orbits. These tips or bits can be replaced as well. It must also be ESD-safe because most of the components in the phone are quite sensitive and can get affected because of static charge or static electricity.

2) Soldering Station

A soldering station comprises 2 components – a station and an iron. It holds an option where the temperature can be controlled depending upon the heat requirement of the soldering station. The soldering station is connected to the soldering iron. It is a far better option to go for than traditional ones. It makes soldering work easily and conveniently.

3) PCB Holder/PCB Stand

PCB refers to a Printed Circuit Board that holds different types of PCBs of a cell phone in the process of soldering or repairing. It holds the PCB quite firmly and does not let it move thus helping in repairing. It is crucial and wise to go for a good-quality PCB holder instead of a cheaper and inexpensive one.

4) Solder Wire

Solder wires are used for soldering electronic components, ICs, and jumpers. Solder wire is composed of Tin and Lead in the ratio of 60:40 or 63:37. Since the Restriction of Hazardous Substances is introduced for electronics, many companies have started using lead-free solder. For repairing cell phones 0.5mm solder wire is best suitable. There are many renowned manufacturers and suppliers of solder wire and other soldering material for Phone repairs in Merrylands.

5) Multimeter

A multimeter can be analogue or digital. For repairing the mobile phone, often a digital multimeter is used to detect faults and check track and components. You must always purchase good quality and reliable ESD-Safe Digital Multimeter for the repairing job.

Experienced phone repairs shops in Merrylands use the best quality and safe tools to keep your phone intact for the long term