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How to Select a Tile For Your Home?

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Home Improvement

With the wide variety of market options, choosing the right tile suppliers Sydney for the right space is a challenge. Each has thousands of options for wall and floor tiles in different categories. There is a significant obstacle for decisions making vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain furniture, cement tiles, marble, stone, and even glass furniture. To aid you we have outlined some tips for selecting the right tile suppliers in Sydney or for your area.


The first move is to determine which tile you want. Vitrified tile suppliers Sydney are the perfect wager for flooring because they are durable and can resist heavy traffic. As walls, ceramic or porcelain tiles can be selected because they do not contain pore and because they do not retain stains. For outdoors, opt for matt finishing or slip-resistant tiles.


Tiles are now available in many sizes. Some of the common floor sizes include 300 by  600 mm, 600 by 600 mm and 800 by 800 mm and wall tiles are usually available in sizes 250×350 mm, 300×450 mm and 300×600 mm. Nonetheless, tiles should be matched to the size of the room. tile suppliers Sydney suggests that space will look much smaller when it’s tiny, and you’ll have big tiles on the floor. In such a space, medium size tiles such as 250 by 350 mm are recommended. It is also a good idea to choose the size that requires minimum quantities of wasting and cutting says tile suppliers Sydney. 

Choose the right finish:

It is now possible to replicate any pattern on a tile using digital printing. The model should however not be the only variable to be decided. The correct finish must also be established. Bright tiles look good on walls, though outdoor stone finishes are perfect. Wood finishing is suggested by tile suppliers Sydney for bedrooms because they offer hot sensations, while metallic and mosaics in combination with basic tiles can be experimented with for bathroom and kitchen walls. Natural finishes and designs are recommended by tile suppliers in Sydney for living rooms whereas restaurants are advised to look for highly resistant, fitted with a design.

The right colour: 

For the flooring, the option of light colours is generally recommended for the intimate interior appearance. You can try darker colours for outdoors. Light colours from tile suppliers Sydney will make the room look spacious and airy and harder to maintain than dark colours.

Plan ahead: 

Tile suppliers in Sydney recommend to always buy 5-10% more tiles than you actually want. This is liable for cuts and breaks if you have them. Some companies repay unused tile containers.

Mix and match: 

While a single tile laid across a surface offers a more cohesive and spacious look, playing with 2-3 tiles gives your room a personal touch is also an excellent idea. For walls, the borders and the combination of two supplementary tiles can experiment. Up to three tiles can be used to create an interesting and unique environment for the walls. Mosaico tiles with medium-sized tiles, single-size metal tiles can be mixed and matched, patterned on one wall can be played and plain tiles are used on the remaining walls. Most tile suppliers in Sydney are offering pre-set tile variations for tile concepts.