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How To Prevent The Driveway From Being Slippery?

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Construction

It is a natural thing that the driveways, after a certain time gets slippery and driveways being in that position is threatening as the rubber tyres are made up of non-slip material, in fact, the slippery areas will have the oiling effect on rubber which will not let the tyre move and can be the cause of accidents. So as to achieve road safety and lessen life-threatening situations. It becomes mandatory to look after the slippery roads and make anti slip driveways resurfacing in Illawarra

  • Driveway Resurfacing

It is important that we have anti slip driveways, especially those driveways that are busy and continuously in use. Prevention is always better than cure, they say. Why choose to resurface? The resurfacing is the best option, to have anti slip driveways as resurfacing process involves the spraying of certain mixtures that actually renovate the surface and makes it as good as new. 

The spray that engineering makes by putting mixtures together that have mainly cement as the fundamental ingredient in them which maintains a thick consistency and this spray is applied by the spray gun. The spray gun makes the distribution of the mixtures even on the ground surface. This makes the roads of Illawarra anti slip driveways. 

The work seems very typical and involves having technical knowledge back in support, hence the experienced professionals are likely chosen for such jobs, the special team of engineers gets involved in such tasks, the team is led by a driveway resurfacing contractor.  

The driveway resurfacing contractor has to look after everything, from buying material to selecting brands of materials. From having the quantities mix to the application of the spray. 

There are 3 major things that you can do to have an anti slip driveway:

  • Brooming 
  • Risen gravel 
  • Application of slip resistance coat 

Let us see how are we supposed to that:

  • Brooming 

The anti slip driveways are often being properly finished via the broom effect. The spray that has resurfacing quality and mixtures is applied to the driveways and then the hard broom method is used. The method involves the broom to move in such transactions that make the different texture of lines and spaces which eventually gives the grip to the tyres and make the path an anti-slip driveway. This is very beneficial and the simplest method to have your driveway on Illawarra as an anti slip driveway.  

  • Risen Gravel 

This method is used by the driveway resurfacing contractors. The main purpose of involving the contractor here is that it has the usage of application of the spray. The spray is prepared by connecting the elements that are required to be present in the cement mixtures. And the application is also time-consuming and that is why the driveway resurfacing contractors.

  • Application Of Slip Resistance Coat & Polymer Grit 

To have anti slip driveways, people take this method as a primary method. The application of slip resistance coating with the polymer grit comes in hand as the easiest way. The spreading of the slip resistance coat with a certain amount of polymer makes it as hard as cement block and provides a fresh pathway for the vehicle. The drivers can literally feel the newness of the road while driving through it.