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How to Plan for a Non Slip Timber Deck Installation?

by | Aug 24, 2019 | Business

Not all seasons are the same. Therefore, expecting your deck to remain the same the entire year would be a wrong expectation. During the summers, deck dries up.

The heat of the sun dries up all the present mold, mildew, and the particles leading to a surface that is fair enough to run, jog, or walk. However, things do not remain the same when it is wet and cold.

With this comes the natural SLIPPERINESS that can almost kill when someone slides on it accidentally.

Knowing this, a person must be able to understand how important it is to build a non-slip timber deck for the house. Such installation is not only going to make space look beautiful but also ensures no hazards are being caused.

The biggest challenge towards the installation of a non-slip timber deck is to plan out how is it going to be done. There are several ways by which it is obtained.

However, according to the professionals, sticking to the right procedure is always going to be effective and fruitful in the long run.

Methods to Prevent a Slippery Timber Deck 

As per the internal characteristic of the timber, any sort of moisture content, in the long run, will always lead to the formation of algae and a slippery surface. However, this can be prevented by the following ways-

  • By painting the timber deck with anti-slip paints
  • By applying anti-slip varnish to the timber surface
  • By using anti-slip deck stains and oils

The application of these elements should take into consideration several factors. For example, according to the experts, a non-slip timber surface created with the application of paint or varnish starts to peel off gradually.

On the other hand, if oil, does not cause any type of cracks or peeling and hence, stands effective in the long run.

What is required in all the entire ways is to ensure the right process is followed for enhanced durability. Before treatment, the timber, proper surface preparation is required to ensure that the paint, varnish or oil stays for long.

Surface Preparation for Anti Slip Deck Installation

All types of timber decks can be treated to make in an anti-slip one. According to the experts catering to the installation of non-slip timber, whether it is an untreated deck or a new one, every surface can be rendered anti-slip coating provided it has adequately been treated.

Right from cleaning the deck surface, testing for the feasibility to clearing the pores or the debris present, everything counts. Therefore, a proper approach is very much required when it comes to installing a non-slippery surface.

Choosing the Deck to Treat

It is very much essential to make sure that the proper decks are treated. In most of the cases, commercial places like cafés, restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, poolside areas have non slip timber decks.

However, knowing the advantage of the non-slip walking surface, some of the residential properties to are stressing on the installation of non-slip timber decks.


With so many advantages, non-slip decks are always going to be a perfect addition to the house or any property when it is about securing the place for people.