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How To Plan A Bathroom Renovation

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Bathroom Product, Bathroom services, Home Improvement

A bathroom renovation at Heathcote is going to cost you money and time. The renovation price can vary according to your requirements. It completely depends on how you want to renovate the bathroom. 

The trick to renovating your bathroom will be successful with a solid plan. Besides, the assistance of a skilled designer will make the job easier and more precise. This post will discuss how to plan a bathroom renovation.

How Should You Plan Your Bathroom Renovation Heathcote

To complete your bathroom remodelling, you must go through some steps. The steps include;

Consider the Level of Bathroom Remodel

While planning a bathroom renovation at Heathcote, the first step is to consider the level of bathroom remodel. You need to determine the size and level of your new bathroom.

To remodel a bathroom, you need to plan four things: surface remodel, gut and replace remodel, or layout remodels. The fourth stage of the bathroom renovation completely changes the room. 

Surface-Level Renovation

The most accessible plan is to go for the surface-alteration bath remodel. You may prefer the standard layout and size of the bathroom. If you prefer changes to the walls, floor, and ceiling, a surface-level bathroom remodel will suit you.

With a surface-level bathroom renovation, you can cover up or repair your bathroom as much as possible. Besides, with this procedure, there will be less wastage. Also, this remodelling process is entirely environment-friendly.

Change the Layout

For bathroom renovation Heathcote, you can also change the bathroom’s layout. In this remodelling plan, the walls and perimeter of the bathroom remain the same. Only the items within the bathroom will get moved around.

This level of renovation can involve fixture replacement. It may include moving fixtures like the sink, toilet, or shower. 

However, moving these items can be invasive, cumbersome, and costly. But at this remodelling level, moving these items is necessary. 

Gut and Replace

In this level of remodelling, you will have the same layout and fixture locations as your previous bathroom. Only you gut down the space down to the bare walls and flooring. Then you will install the new vanity, plumbing fixtures, and lighting.

When the walls are open, you can install new plumbing and wiring. You can easily clean up or refurbish the toilet, towel bars, or bathroom vanity.

In this procedure, one or two main walls containing the bulk of the plumbing and wiring may be stripped. The bathroom ceiling, along with the other walls, will remain unchanged. For bathroom renovation at Heathcote, the process can be a bit costly if you go for the gutting and replacing level.


Apart from these remodelling levels, you can also change the entire bathroom. However, this process involves moving or removing the walls, altering the ceiling, and bumping out an exterior wall.

For bathroom renovation at Heathcote, you also need to decide whether you want to do it yourself or hire professionals. However, to avoid any unexpected disasters, you must get assistance from highly skilled professionals. If you hire a professional, ensure the professional is properly licensed.