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How Opting For Disinfection Services At Home & Office Helps In Times Of Pandemic?

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Business, Services

If ever we have not witnessed any sort of pandemic and could not figure out the loss it can create, then we must look at the present ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The entire world has been in shutdown for more than six months resulting in trillions of losses. Apart from this, it has paralysed nations and claimed a hundred thousand lives with another billion of them suffering. 

Keeping in mind the rapid spread and to minimise the loss of lives, countries have declared lockdown. However, essential services are functional. The management of these service providers is ensuring that the employees and the people working are safe and hence, opting for several precautionary measures. One of them is disinfecting the premise regularly. It stands important to provide the employees with a safe and secure working environment. The businesses offering office disinfection service in Singapore are ascertaining that the best is done to secure all.

Disinfecting & Cleaning Office Premises in Singapore


Protecting the Touchpoint Areas against Infection

COVID-19 is highly contagious and spreads rapidly. Its severity can be made out from the fact that it affected more than 200 countries in less than 4 months. When the world is fighting against it with all means and vaccines are yet to be discovered, it is necessary to maintain hygiene and cleanliness by regularly cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces especially the key touchpoint areas of offices and houses. For this, one needs to understand the importance of home and office disinfection service in Singapore.

The public areas like offices, social care centres, hotels, retail outlets, public transport, schools, and hospitals are some of the vulnerable areas. If a person visits any of the above-mentioned areas and gets exposed to the virus (if present), then it is a 100% chance that he/she is going to be the transmitter. Research shows that the virus is transmitted through the nose, mouth, and eyes after infection.

Disinfection Services include Addressing the Highly Vulnerable Areas

The door handles, lifts, rail bars, bins, public vehicles, trollies, and baskets at the supermarket, taps are some of the areas that need special attention. These can be the breeding spots of the virus. The companies catering to office disinfection service in Singapore pay special attention to these areas and ensure that the surface is thoroughly addressed. These key touchpoint areas are vulnerable and hence, need regular attention. The disinfection process kills the virus present and makes it safer for the people. 

How Important is Home Disinfection?

Well, it is not only the public spots and the key touchpoint areas need to be addressed but also the home should be taken care of. You never know that when the place that you consider to be safe has become one of the breeding spots for the virus. Therefore, in order to secure your family, home disinfection service stands crucial. The professionals associated with the service know all areas that should be addressed.

It is all about Sanitising and Disinfecting the Surfaces

Whether you have opted for home disinfection service or office disinfection service in Singapore, the overall concept lies in disinfecting the surfaces apart from combatting the airborne pathogen. The fogging is one such concept that spreads droplets of disinfectant liquid onto the surface. The method is effective and helps break the chain of infection.

According to the professionals, in this crisis time, it is always the disinfecting and cleaning of the surfaces that would help each one of us to be safe and keep the virus at bay.