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How To Manage Summer Pest Problems And Keep All The Pests Away.

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Travel

The increase in insect population is amongst the most serious drawbacks of the summer months. You’re relishing the wonderful weather one minute, then you’re struggling with a swarm of insects and a dozen painful stings up and down your legs the next! Nevertheless, we’ve compiled our top 5 summer insect management tips to assist you in avoiding bites and enjoying the outdoors. This has been done under the guidance of a Pest Control Service provider in Melbourne. 

Shore Up Your Home: 

To avoid having insects in your home, the first thing you should do is seal off any possible entry points. Examine your windows and doors for any spaces that need to be sealed, and repair window covering if it’s damaged. Examine your panels for cracks and fix or restore any that are damaged. It’s usually great to allow in a fresh breeze in the evenings, so keep in mind you’re ready to keep the bugs out.

Maintain Your Outside Green Area: 

A clean yard attracts fewer bugs. It not only aids in mosquito control, but it also reduces home for some of the most damaging garden insects. Make every effort to remove yard garbage, keep your lawn mowed and your hedges trimmed.

Remove All The Still Water: 

One of the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes at bay is to eliminate standing water where they would develop. Look for puddles in areas such as around your Air – conditioning unit and around your downspouts. Don’t keep dog water bowls outside, bring kids’ toys indoors, and think about cleaning the birdbath. If your backyard has low areas where puddles form, try adding drainage to eliminate this issue as well. A professional company Wasp Control Services in Melbourne, understands the importance of removing unwanted water. 

Clean Up Your Kitchen Regularly: 

Hot weather can attract flies, cockroaches, and other insects in search of food. Maintain your kitchen as tidy as possible to ensure they don’t locate any. Even a few breadcrumbs on the surface or floor might provide an excellent meal for hungry bugs. Take the time every time you cook or eat meals in the kitchen to thoroughly clean the countertops, mop floors, and keep food immediately as soon as you’re finished. It’s also important to take your trash outside at least once a week.

Keep All Your Firewood Properly: 

Termites may infest your property if you store firewood too close to it. This isn’t just inconvenient; they can also do significant harm to your home! Keep wood stacks at least four or five feet away from the area or shed to avoid this. The five-foot rule is a guideline. If you could somehow keep it (much!) farther away, by all means, do so. You should also place it on raised racks off the ground.

We Can Assist When DIY Pest Control Solutions Aren’t Enough!

These easy summer pest control measures can keep pesky bugs at bay. However, if you’ve tried all of the recommended pest control measures and nothing seems to be working, it’s time to call in the professionals! Professionals at Wasp Control Pest Control Services in Melbourne can help you do away with insects. Call Wasp Control Melbourne, Pest Control Services immediately to discuss your pest issues and set up an appointment.