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How to Maintain Marble Floors?

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Home Improvement

If you are presently mulling the inclusion of marble floor in your home, then this article is for you. Here, we will be speaking – at length – about the ways in which you can maintain this particular flooring option. It is important to educate yourself likewise – because only when you are doing so – you can actually expect unhindered performance. With the passage of time, the accumulation of dirt, grime and stains might as well result in the fading off of the natural luster. Make sure you are educating yourself about the right measures to maintain marble before procuring those marble slabs Sydney. Here we go!

How to clean your Marble Floor: The basics explored

It all starts with cleaning your floor. It is a basic and an integral part of the maintenance regime. While you are sweeping or mopping your floor every day—do know for a fact that it will help you get rid of the surface dirt but will not really help when it comes to doing away with scratches.

How to Prevent Scratches?

Make sure you are picking up nuances from your manufacturer in this regard. Ask them how exactly you should move your chairs or other household items. Should these items stay in contact while they are being moved? Or, should they be lifted? Does marble scratch easily? Make sure that you are being duly guided by your marble suppliers Sydney in this regard.

Which cleaning solution are you using?

Another very important factor to keep in view would be the cleaning solution that you should be using. It is important to invest in a pH neutral solution. Please refrain from using acidic cleaners. Acidic cleaners will result in the loss of shine. Your marble might as well end up with a scratch or two. Refrain from using vinegar.

Get Rid Of Stains Immediately

Do know for a fact that marble is a highly porous material. The stains might as well end up seeping into the stone thereby getting trapped there. Make sure you are doing away with the usual spillages like wine, juice, sauces and cooking oils. Clean them immediately. Don’t wait for them to settle down on your floor. Stubborn stains are a result of initial ignorance. Don’t wait to clean them off and never will you have to deal with such stains.

Since marble is a porous stone, you should also go on to make sure that you are wiping off your floor with a soft towel after mopping it. This ensures that standing water doesn’t seep into your floor.

What else should you remember?

Last but not the least – it is very important to reach out to reputed suppliers for your marble suppliers. They are particular about offering quality “experience” to customers. As such, they never really fail to inform you about the right cleaning techniques. They want you to enjoy the visual appeal of marble as long as is possible. Please make sure that you are picking up basics and nuances without fail in this regard.