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5 Common Myths About European Cars

by | Feb 6, 2021 | Automotive, Services

Owning a European car is the dream of all car enthusiasts. Because of its high performance and elegant look, it is one of the most loved cars across the globe. Some of the top European Cars in Northern Beaches are Skoda Octavia, Audi, and Volkswagen.  

In Northern Beaches, many car enthusiasts do not choose to buy European cars irrespective of their craze because of the rumors in the industry. Here are a few myths that you must not fall for : 


  • European Car services can be conducted only by the dealer
    One of the biggest myths in the market among European Car consumers is that the car can be serviced only from the dealer they have purchased their car from. However, the fact is that there are European Car mechanics who are trained and have several years of experience in repairing European Cars.
  • You can hand over your European Car to any mechanic
    All car mechanics have their specialization in a particular type of car. Similarly, there are European Car mechanics who are experts in repairing European cars. You must always look for European car mechanics to repair or service your luxury car in Northern Beaches.
  • Parts of European Cars are not available
    People do not buy European Cars because they are told that car parts of European cars are not available everywhere. However, if you inquire with a licensed and certified European car mechanic, he will be able to assist you and will also provide you with original parts.
  • You can only use Premium Gas
    People believe that since the car is one of the most expensive cars and luxury to own, they can function only on premium gas to keep the performance of the car up to the mark. date. But now it’s time to debunk this myths, while some cars may need premium gas but the case is not the same for all. However, fueling your car with premium gas is not going to enhance the performance of the car. It is more like a requirement than a performance-enhancer.
  • Frequent Oil Changes to Run for Miles
    It is believed that if you change the oil of your car more frequently, your car can run up to miles. You must always remember that the use of oil will only help to lubricate your motor. You can always talk to a European car mechanic about oil change and how frequently it should be done. 


These are some of the myths in the air about European cars, which you must be aware of. You can always do your research and find out the facts or talk to the European Car mechanic about the details. If you have ever come across these myths, it is time to correct your knowledge.