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How to Determine the Perfect Semi Framed Shower Screen for Your Bathroom?

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Bathroom renovations

Shower screens don’t just serve functional purposes – they’re also amazing design statements. That’s why more and more homeowners are opening up to the idea of getting a semi-framed shower screen. These shower screens come in various guises, and each of them looks amazing. In terms of functionality, they offer pretty much everything a full-framed or a frameless shower screen offers. However, no bathroom-related purchase should be rushed. After all, bathrooms are by far the most-used spaces in a home in terms of how many hours you spend there.

Shower screens, irrespective of their type, take up a great deal of bathroom space, and massively influence your bathroom’s overall safety and functionality. If you’re planning to ‘jazz up’ your bathroom décor with one of these classy shower screens, you must consider some practical and design-related factors – 

Don’t Compromise on Glass Quality 

Always opt for the best glass in the market (as long as you don’t go over-budget). The glass must meet Australian safety standards and be ‘kid-friendly,’ even if you don’t have kids. A kid-friendly shower screen is essentially a shower screen that doesn’t shatter into a thousand pieces after being gently stuck by a body part. That’s why tempered or solid glass that meets Australian standards of safety is the best option.

Consider Long-Term Maintenance Requirements 

Shopping for semi-framed shower screens is a fun process. The design and style options can be overwhelming. However, shoppers mustn’t forget long-term maintenance requirements while going through the catalogs. Ideally, the glass must be layered with anti-dirty layers so that it’s easy to clean. No matter how easy to clean your semi-framed shower screen is, you must wipe it down every time you step into the shower. Clear glass has a tendency of accumulating more dirt than frosted or printed glass. So, opting for slightly opaque glass shower screens is a smart long-term decision. 

Design Quality

You’re not getting a semi-framed shower screen just for functional purposes – you also expect these screens to give your bathrooms an aesthetic boost! Thankfully, modern-day sellers of semi-framed shower screens offer their products in a wide range of colors, textures, and design elements. Pick the design elements that best-suit the existing features in your bathrooms. Printed glass is currently in huge demand. However, don’t blindly follow market trends. If a plain glass shower screen is what you crave, go for it! Semi-framed shower screens made of clear and transparent glass make bathrooms look much more spacious. 

Size and Space 

A key reason why homeowners opt for semi-framed glass shower screens is that they make smaller bathrooms feel more spacious. Add transparent glass to these designs and your bathrooms will look even bigger! If you don’t have specific space-related constraints, you can go for semi-frameless shower screen designs with tinted or frosted glass. As long as your bathroom’s shower space dimensions are in proportion with the semi-framed shower screen of your choice, installation won’t be a hassle. Still, installing shower screens is a complicated process, and seeking expert assistance is recommended!