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How To Control Your Android Device Remotely?

by | Apr 28, 2020 | IT & Technology

Nowadays, the everyday use of various types of Android-powered gadgets is common. If you’re a proud owner of an Android app, you might at times have felt the need to access it remotely in different circumstances. That’s where we need a stable, user-friendly, and reliable mechanism to either get full control over the system or a way to get partial control over select and essential functions. Fortunately, there are many applications, software, and services that make for simple and smooth remote control of an Android device. All of these tools function effortlessly with nearly every common Android variant running on a majority of devices and gadgets. These applications are suitable for professionals and frequent travelers who also need remote access to Android devices.

Teamviewer Mobile Device Support:

This massively popular application can be used to remotely access Android devices in a few simple steps on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. It is basic, easy to install and it works out of the box. Professionals may use it to handle Android phones from a remote location. To allow remote control from a distant location the target user had to install a small QuickSupport app. This provides full control of the tool as if one were holding it in the side. It also supports both secure file transfer and chats support to interact quickly with the system owner during the active session. One can also capture true color screenshots for offline review from remote Android app.


This is yet another incredibly common solution for remote accessing Android phones and tablets. It offers a simple and easy-to-use GUI to run the Android app from your desktop right away. You can also use a mobile app inside the Google Chrome browser apart from using a desktop app. The wide app alerts on the mobile screen keep you connected to the remote Android computer and aware of the happenings. The premium edition contains unrestricted file transfers and whole files. It can also be used in real-time to track a remote location via the camera of the computer. AirDroid supports it out-of-the-box if you are looking to migrate very large files from the remote computer.

ISL Light For Android:

This powerful application allows full control of remote Android devices with all the features to easily handle and troubleshoot issues. This modular technology allows for the control of both tablets and standard smartphones. It is available for platforms running Windows, Mac, and Linux. Like other competent applications, this one also supports the remote Android device’s real-time screenshots with instant messaging support to share information with the person on the other end. It’s specifically designed for Samsung phones that offer you true remote device control. Apps can be quickly installed or de-installed from the point during a remote session, and controls can be tapped with immediate effect.


That’s one of my favorite applications for remotely taming an Android computer and suggested by a top dissertation writing service. It has a range of unique and intuitive features that make it common among the user base. Use this robust solution if you want the video and photos stored on a remote Android device to stream fast. It also supports the transfer of drag ‘n’ drop file between your desktop and tablet. If your mobile computer is touch-enabled, instead of using traditional point and click controls, you can use the same swipe and drag behavior for the mirrored Android app computer. You can also capture video, and save remote device screenshots with a button press. A link can be made either via a browser or a device.

Logmein Rescue:

This feature-packed remote controlling system can be used by professional support teams for Android devices. Access to Android phones from a remote location is a secure and easy-to-use choice. It supports nearly every common brand of Android phones including most custom Android builds. It has a dedicated Click2Fix feature to get vitally important information about remote devices easily. That helps to quickly recognize the Android device bottlenecks. It also comes with a powerful SDK to easily customize system device settings from a remote location.


This approach for managing open source smartphones is best in its class for remote access to Android devices. It also lets you control multiple remote Android app inventories. No additional software needs to be built to use this solution. It’s a remote access service based on a browser. It supports a wide variety of custom Android builds expanding the number of devices that can be remotely controlled. Full support for copying and pasting means you can quickly transfer information from your phone to your laptop, and vice versa. This will also be able to view comprehensive phone logs in real-time to identify and find issues if any. This also helps you to test and execute shell commands inside a web browser, right away.