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How to choose your wooden floors?

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Flooring

No doubt, wooden floors look beautiful, but you may not be quite sure how to choose and install your wooden floors in Sydney. As a homeowner, you should always keep in mind that a beautiful floor accentuates your home’s overall look. The flooring choice is one of the basic yet quite a significant decision when you decide to renovate your home. The reason is if flooring does not look right, it might underpin everything that is part of your home décor. While there are plenty of options, like the carpet to the terrazzo, one material that has stood the test of time is the hardwood flooring. Whether you have a traditional décor in your home or a contemporary one, a wooden floor is always a safe bait.

Simultaneously, not all wooden floors in Sydneyare created the same, and choosing the perfect wooden floors for your home is a daunting task. It is not just choosing the right colour, but many other factors should keep in mind while choosing a hardwood flooring.

Select you floor made of Solid or Engineered Wood

Traditionally, hardwood flooring had thick planks made of solid timber. Although even today solid hardwood is available, many companies offer engineered flooring made of a thin top layer that is bonded to other layers. The objective is to prevent the wood from shifting during the natural contraction and expansion cycles of wood. The best thing about engineered wood is that opposing forces are created within the board to keep the natural movement of wood at bay.

Choose a Pre-Finished or Site-Finished Wood

When you plan to install wooden floors in Sydney, it is better to choose the pre-finished and the site-finished ones. The advantage of having a pre-finished wood is that you already know about what you are getting. Hence, you can have an idea of your home’s colour palette and decide on the other décor items accordingly. Simultaneously, it takes less time to install pre-finished wooden flooring because there is no need to apply any colour or sealant.

On the other hand, site-finish might be appealing to many homeowners because it has some room for customization to play around a bit with the designs.

Focus on the type of Finish

For wooden floors in Sydney, you must be careful with the type of finish you select. There is a wide variety of finishes from which you can choose the one that appeals most to your senses. For example, there are penetrating oil to oil-like hybrids or site-finish polyurethanes. But mostly, when it comes to finishes, there are two broad categories. They are oil or polyurethane.

If you are selecting an oil finish, you can expect to have a flooring that has a softer, natural, and matte look. But at the same time, it will not be as impervious to stains and damage resistant as polyurethane. Hence, you need to choose with care considering the factors mentioned above.

However, to key to keep your wooden flooring shinning is proper maintenance.