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How Site Structure Can Make Huge Impact On SEO

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Digital Marketing

The structure of a website is critical for both SEO and usability. It is the foundation of your website – affecting how it crawls, is viewed and indexed by search engines, and how users traverse their onsite experience. 

An intelligent way to start when considering improving your website’s structure is to identify your target audience. If you organize your websites properly together using common folders, it makes moving across your site easier for visitors.

To choose the best SEO company in Singapore, one may consider if the overall increase in the business is the sole benefit. Sharing additional insights such as visitor profile and behaviour, statistics per page view, lead change, and traffic analysis are several aspects that vary from the leading SEO companies.

Here’s why a simplified site structure for SEO performance and user experience is essential:

  • Site Structure is a guide for Google.

The way you design your website gives Google insights on where you may locate the most important material. The structure of your website affects whether or not a search engine knows what your site is and what you sell.

Google crawls webpages using a Googlebot bot via links, inside and outside. And by following these connections, Google establishes the connection between the different pages. Your website structure is a Google guideline and is thus highly essential.

  • Not competing with your content.

Without a proper site structure, you compete with yourself in major search engines. Google won’t know the most important of them until Google is ‘informed.’ You tell Google to do that, no matter what story on your stack you desire. You’re all interested in your postings if you don’t structure your content. The answer is simple: just let Google know which website you think is most important.

  • Site structure is important for UX.

It aids in the optimization of your website’s ranking in an appropriate structure. Never forget, the site structure is equally important for User experience (UX). Your website’s navigation structure should reflect the structure of your website. If this structure is apparent, your audience will rapidly find its way on your website. A powerful UX enhances your chances to convert people: buy your items, sign up for an e-mail or come back for another visit. And Google loves good websites as well. A professional SEO company in Singapore can help in better UX to allow users to navigate easily. 

  • Improving your site’s crawlability

A great structure of the site facilitates the discovery of your content for spiders (like Googlebot). Since search engines rely on the navigation to establish the hierarchy and significance of pages on the site, you can quickly reach your pages within the structure of your site. Specifically, pages deeper inside the website structure will typically take longer for search engines to crawl, especially for larger websites, which may or might not see deeper pages crawl.

  • Developing a better internal link structure

A well-executed site structure provides a solid internal connection structure. Most significantly, this helps website crawlers understand each page’s relationship.

A successful website groups relevant pages together and uses key phrases, if necessary. It is commonly called siloing. Signalling the relation between each product or category page may then be carefully established on each related page.

  • Prioritizing your pages using site hierarchy

For visitors and search engines, the URL structure of a site should be obvious. As a result, URLs are shown inside SERPs and can be considered a significant click-through factor.

In a fully integrated site structure, consistent URLs reflecting the site hierarchy. Short but descriptive URLs with keywords placed in front of the URL structure are recommended for search optimization to create a precise order.

An example is the eCommerce fashion site, and your items are divided into four major target groups – women, men, boys, and girls.

  • Supporting the conversion funnel

Have you ever thought about how to make it simpler for website visitors to become customers? If a person comes on your website, he may well search for one additional piece of information, a quote, or his intention might be purely transactional.

Regardless of the aim of the search engine, the accessible website facilitates the final objective by minimizing the number of steps needed in completing the action. Therefore, it is crucial to organize your site to convert in one or two clicks. Get in touch with the best SEO company in Singapore to enhance the look of your website to grab maximum attention and sales.