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How Semi-Framed Shower Screens Are Better And Durable Than Frameless Options?

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Bathroom renovations, Bathroom services

When it comes to shower screens, there are mainly three major types available. You can procure framed, semi-framed or even the frameless options. Now, which one to choose depends solely on you and your need. Nowadays, a large group of people are heading towards the semi-frame option for shower screen and for good reasons. But before you get hold of such options, make sure to learn a tad bit more about it. 

The semi-framed shower screen will have frameless and even framed portions to chosen glass pane, even though the edges have variable frames to them. They offer that major transparency of frameless screen, with that of a contemporary look. They can always procure some other advantages, which will make that good choice well. Remember to get along with the best semi framed shower screen in town from reputed centre and you won’t regret making this decision at all.

The better option between framed and frameless shower doors:

Well, the final choice depends on the buyer, but it is not hard to state that semi-framed screen doors are more durable when compared to the frameless options. The frameless options will have panels of the sturdy tempered glass. Unlike any of the framed or semi-framed glass shower doors, they will not have any metallic support to function well. 

  • It is true that frameless options will have a modernized and clean appearance that the homeowners appreciate, but not when it comes to the durability quotient. When it comes to style, it is no doubt that frameless option wins the cake, but that’s not all of it. Durability plays a pivotal role too and for that, the semi-framed option might be at the lead.
  • As you will receive a stainless steel frame to go with the glass panel, that will act as another layer of protective count. Even during the hefty windy scenario, when the bathroom doors are open, that won’t hamper the durability or quality of the shower screens. 
  • With the frameless screen door, you will see the glass panels moving even with the slightest bit of wind. But, when you have semi-framed option, that won’t be the case at all. So, if durability is the primary call in your mind, then log online and gets the semi-framed option now! You won’t regret this matter at all.

The reasons to head for the semi-framed option:

Semi-framed shower curtains or doors will have an aluminium or stainless steel frame around interior edges. So, if you are trying to upgrade your present shower curtain to glass option, then a semi-framed option is a great call. These semi-framed options are great call for that nice upgrade for bathroom design.

  • Enjoy high-end stability:

Glass doors are made using tempered glass. It can break right off into smaller circles in place of shards for lesser injury risks. Moreover, the frame around the shower door will steady up the door more, and reduce shattering risk as well.

  • Helps to keep in more water:

It is true to state that semi framed shower screen has fewer chances to leak out. These kinds of shower doors will have tracks, which will trap water inside. Along with the same track, they will also have layers of caulk and even a metallic frame for offering ultimate protection against spilling. You will enjoy the watertight design of the framed form of glass door. It will keep the shower spray right inside shower for a long time.

  • Easier for you to install:

For installing framed glass shower doors, you just have to hang it up the semi-frame and with some hinges right at the bottom of the glass panels. These framed glass doors can easily fit right over nay shower material. Then on the other hand, the frameless options will need proper hinges placement and hardware. You can avoid these kinds of mess with the semi-framed or complete framed options.

So many options to choose from:

Right from the basic styled up crystal clear shower curtains to the frosted shower doors, there are loads of options available. But, always aim for the framed version for extra durability. The semi-framed options will provide you with the best of both worlds.