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How Professional Civil Works Contractors Can Help You With Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals!

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Construction

In case you are thinking about constructing or redesigning over any water body in Sydney, it is without a doubt that you will require Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals to make sure that you’re not working over or are excessively near their structures as they need to stay secured for their utilisation and the local area that they serve. Your DA letter from your Council or your Complying Certificate administrative work will express that you need to get an endorsement from a Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals. Interacting with professional civil works contractors near you will help ensure a smooth process to get the approvals.  

Contacting a reliable civil works contractor will help you with the process of getting the approvals as they would check your arrangements to guarantee your new structure won’t harm any Sydney Water structure like a sewer, street light, underground cables, sewer vent and so forth, which might be situated on or close to your property. To check your arrangements, you should present your arrangements to your civil work contractors and select Building Plan Approval. It is possible that you can do this without anyone else’s help, but that would be a lengthy and tedious process. 

The civil work contractors can promptly approve of your plans, or they will ask you to see a Sydney Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC) for additional consideration, explanations.

In case you have been summoned, these are the following steps that one should follow- 

  1. Go to your property to precisely find the Sydney Water resources on/close to the property, 
  2. Your civil work contractor will give you a report of our discoveries about the depth and area of resources – called a Service Protection Report. This data should be plotted onto your arrangements to check the effect and sent back for audit. 
  3. If you are in the zone of impact of a resource, they will then give you advice on the necessary Sydney Water clearances. Primary drawings will be required, and when the council is fulfilled that clearances are accomplished to secure the asset(s) and that there will be no effect on Sydney Water resources, they will have the option to endorse and stamp your arrangements. 
  4. Customer/proprietor to give stamped plans to your certifier to get the work to continue. 
  5. Your civil work contractor will be needed to return to the development site to convey any examination works noted on the stamped plans and any supporting documents required by the Sydney water council. 

You Might Need Additional Out Of Scope Approval As An Extra Advance To The Endorsement For Your Proposals When You Are Building; 

  • Close or over a non-pipe sewer foundation (e.g. tunnels, oviform) over 300mm. 
  • Any water body or recycled water pipe.
  • Any vent shaft.
  • Proposed project undertaking at the land with a Sydney Water easement.
  • Proposed projects on the area under Sydney Water claimed stormwater infrastructure inside 10m of the property limit.
  • Development of any erect structures or holding walls more than one meter.
  • Any basement work or digging that needs to be done further than 3m (and development works) over or nearby a Sydney Water resource incorporating any works bringing about anchors inside or through the zone of impact of the Sydney Water asset.
  • Any dewatering.

Remember to get Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals before doing any construction work near a Sydney water body. Taking the help of reliable and professional civil works contractors will help you get the detailed reports, stamp duty and approvals done for your project. The overall process might take some time, but they will have all the required tools, machinery and connections to help you have a smooth sail with all the legalities for your construction in a hassle-free way.