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How Food Labels Can Make A Difference In Your Product?

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Packaging Products

Food products are available in many varieties and each food product has its own set of specifications. The ingredients differ, the uses differ but the only thing that remains constant is that the food labels are a legal requirement. Gone is the time when people used to manufacture some food items at home, pack them, and sell them. Well, the rules and regulations are not the same anymore. All the companies or manufacturers of food items now need to have a food label on every food product that they sell in the market. By not doing so, their food product will be non-compliant with the standards laid down by the authorities. 


Many food products have ingredients that can be harmful to people who are allergic to certain substances. This may be troublesome for you if your product does not carry a food label on it. You may fall into legal issues because of this. When your food items carry food labels, people who are allergic to a substance or ingredient would first give a read to the ingredients If your food item. If your product does not contain that ingredient, they can consume it. However, if a person consumes food containing a substance, he or she is allergic to, it may result in severe consequences and sometimes also be life-threatening. 


A food label contains the production information of the food product. These details may have information on whether the food is organic or not. Some people of religious beliefs do consume food items if the food is from Halal. The reasons may also be ethical or cultural. Apart from this, the information carries details on the method of preparation of the food item. This helps the customers to decide whether they would like to consume your food item or not. 

Dietary advice 

Nutritional information of food is another legal requirement for food production companies. They must display all the information on the label of a pre-packed food item. This also ensures that you fulfill all your legal responsibilities. Moreover, the information and dietary advice help your customers to lead a healthy life. With a rapid increase in health problems and food-related diseases, customers now pay special attention to the dietary advice and nutritional information on the food label of a pre-packaged food item. Many people opt for alternatives when they are aware of the nutritional information on your food item. 

Other information 

It is imperative to include the information on “use before” or “manufacturing date” of the food items on the food labels. Every product must carry its date of manufacture and/or expiry date on its label so that the person buying it knows when he or she should consume the product. Also, many people wish to buy from their local producers and reduce their carbon footprint. So, when you are about to sell a product, include the food label on it. 


Ensure that your food label carries the right information on the origin of the product. This helps your customers know where their product is coming from.