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How Car Paint Coating is Different From Ceramic Coating?

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Automotive

When you purchase a new car, don’t you often admire its fresh paintwork and glossy shine when exposed to light? But unfortunately, over time, the car losses its shine due to regular wear and tear, or the paint gets bleached due to continuous exposure to the sun or because of being covered by water. But won’t it be great if you could prevent all these and retain your car’s shine forever? Yes, there are options I.e., Car Paint Coating and Ceramic Coating. 

If you are a little careful, you can make good all damages that happen to your car. For example, with the two options mentioned before. 

Car paint Protection versus Ceramic Coating:

Car paint coating or commonly known as Paint Protection Film (PPF) and ceramic coating has gained immense popularity over the years because many people today are keen to protect the shiny look of their car. But the question is which option would suit you the best. It is not easy to decide, but when you have detailed knowledge about both these car protection types, you shall be in a better position to decide. 

Paint Protection Film (PPF): 

The PPF is the most commonly used car paint coating. It is easily malleable and self-healing. The specialty of this particular protection film is that it is invisible to the naked eye, thus, when you apply it to your car, it not only protects your car from those unwanted bruises but also does not hamper its overall aesthetics. Another significant advantage of PPF is that it protects the vehicle from the harsh sunlight. Over the years the UV rays of the sun could harm the glossy finish of your car, but with PPF you can remain rest assured. It acts as a protective layer between the paint and the sun rays and prevents it from fading. 

The fact that it is self-healing means that it can heal even before any damage reaches your car. It is resistant to corrosion, high impact, and also protects your car from acidic rain, mineral deposits, bug splatter, and rock chips. 

If you are thinking about how much car paint coating would cost, then you should know that it depends on the area of the car that you would like to cover. However, if you visit some authentic dealers, you will surely get reasonable price quotes. 

Ceramic Coating: 

The ceramic coating, on the other hand, is a liquid polymer. When it is applied to the car, it forms a bond with the factory paint, thereby giving the vehicle a permanent protective layer. The ceramic coating is a perfect alternative for a wax. The reason is that it offers enhanced chemical resistance, UV protection, scratch resistance, and heat tolerance. However, since it is a permanent arrangement to protect your car, it ought to be done by a pro so that you can reap all its benefits. 

To sum up: 

Both the paint protection techniques offer unique benefits to your car and make it remain swanky and shiny for long. Hence, it could be a crucial decision to choose between the two, so the best option is to combine them both to enjoy all their benefits.