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 Hook And Loop Tape – Overview, Working & Advantages

by | Nov 30, 2019 | Business

Hook and loop is basically a system which is consisted of two components named as hook side and loop side. They both sides are different and have the quality of engaging each other with their nature. Hook side has tiny hooks making it rougher comparatively whereas a bunch of hairy loops makes the loop side less coarse than hook side. The hook and loop tape creates when both sides are made to contact each other by pressing them together. Both sides can be easily separated by exerting some external force in the form of pulling them apart, creating a ripping noise.

The idea of this kind of fastening was invented by a Swiss engineer in 1941. His name was George de Mestral. There is an interesting story behind the origin of hook and loop tape. He went for a walk in the woods with his dog. As passing by, a bunch of burrs stuck to him. He researched that burrs through the microscope and came to know about the tiny hooks they have. These hooks can be engaged with anything which has a loop like clothes or hair. He sensed the feasibility of fastening two materials with a hook and loop system and worked hard to convert it into reality.

The hook and loop tape system finally came into existence in 1951 and had gone through many tests for sticking clothing. In the row, he discovered nylon, which is generally used to make hooks. Though such tapes have their constraints like after exposed in water for several times, the loops and hooks both get distorted and start losing the sticking power.

Working Methodology of Hook and Loop Tape:

When the hook side and loop side are pressed together, tiny hooks engage with fuzzy loops and create a strong bond holding them tightly. This fastening is temporary and can be broken by forceful detaching of both sides. A discrete sound is generated when the detaching is performed. Generally, hook, and loop tapes survive for 8000 times before losing their binding strength.

Advantages of Hook & Loop Tape:

Easy process:

There is no need to fix any button while using hook and loop tape. They simply get attached by pressing both sides properly. There is no extra effort or instructions need to follow before using it.

Quicker Process:

Being so convenient in nature, hook and loop tapes a lot of time, whereas closing the buttons gets annoying and time-taking sometimes, especially in emergencies.


As no hazardous material or metal used for the fastening, this kind of tapes is immensely safe to use. Even in kids’ clothing and other accessories, mostly these tapes are used.


These tapes provide a lot of strength to hold the sticking for a long time. Though, such tapes have their restrictions when it comes to holding a weight beyond its capability.

Lower Maintenance: 

Unlike buttons and metallic hooks and loop tapes don’t get torn in normal circumstances. They can be peeled off only by exerting some efforts. This quality makes them of lower maintenance as compared to the button as they need to be sewed and repaired occasionally.