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Here’s Why You Should Choose Powder Coated Aluminium Balustrade For Your Home —

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Business, Commercial

Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals across the world, second only to iron. However, while aluminium depicts all the favourable properties exhibited by steel and iron, it doesn’t reasonably require the same complex manufacturing process or sky-high maintenance costs associated with it.  

Powder coating alludes to a dry-finishing process wherein a metal is treated electrostatically with a dry powder to layer with an extra protective barrier. Thus, a powder-coated aluminium balustrade combination is ideal due to its corrosion-resistant properties and for longtime use. 

Upon being exposed to air, aluminium forms a 1nm thick layer of oxide that acts as an optimal corrosion protector against most environments. This layer protects the fence from corrosion effects and prevents any possible reaction from occurring with other substances. Further, this enables it to repair itself upon being exposed to oxygen. 

Aluminium’s natural coating of aluminium oxide presents to be a precious barrier against the extremities of air, temperature, moisture and even chemical attack, thus making it a beneficial construction material.

Let us consider some other advantages associated with their installation.

  1. These have an extensive resistance capacity against rust and corrosion. You are making a highly preferred designing option among contractors for both indoor and outdoor use. These are also persistent in any weather condition. 
  2. Its extremely lightweight material with heavy-duty tensile strength allows it to sustain a longer shelf life than other materials like timber or steel.
  3. These are significantly inexpensive than other alternatives like steel or wrought iron, even though these essentially exhibit similar durability and strength features. Due to its durable sustaining nature, it does not need to be replaced or refurbished according to weather and temperature changes. These can be used even at premises near water or saltwater waters without incurring any damage onto themselves. 
  4. A powder-coated aluminium balustrade requires little maintenance despite either being in wet or dry conditions. These fences do not require any polish, varnish or even paint as a topcoat for maintenance or finish. The powder coating on them requires absolutely no upkeep and can sustain their natural appearance.
  5. Due to its propensity to be malleable, these present ease of use; consequently, it helps retain the structural integrity if one were to compare it to steel balustrades. Further, these are also available in various options and designs to choose from and can be customised to suit every individual requirement of yours. 
  6. In terms of installation time and effort, these can be constructed, installed, removed or even replaced within a limited time, a few hours at the tops. As a result of this, it ensures a minimised lead times. These are highly flexible towards creating sleek modern designs or decorative shapes that enhance your homes’ aesthetics.

The details mentioned above highlight the benefits associated with installing a powder-coated aluminium balustrade at your home.